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#269 - HolyArachnid
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(11/28/2011) [-]
You know, I'm not a Christian (I do believe in God, but not in a very rigid way), but whenever I see these stupid-ass posts on here mocking religion, I want to jump in and defend it. It deserves better than this. If you really want to criticize or satirize Christianity, there are a whole SLEW of bloody, pointless religious wars and horrible, intolerant bigots out there you could be skewering; why do people trot out this ******* juvenile "LOLZ what kinda moron could believe that" excuse for an argument over and over?

Frankly, one of the reasons I don't belong to any organized religion is that I don't agree with a lot of the ways they run things; but I think there's a LOT to be said for believing in something greater than yourself. It encourages you to better yourself, to look for meaning in the simpler parts of life, and to respect people for the good in them. Our cultural values nowadays are so ********* it's not even funny, and you see it on this site as much as anywhere: we want to act like we're too cool to care about other people, we want to live like nothing matters but our own pleasure Right This Second, and we want to brush off the ideas of faith and deep meaning as being for weak-minded lunatics who can't "handle" the pressures of life. And then we wonder why our art consists of regurgitated hipster trash, why our music consists of over-synthesized empty drivel, why fewer relationships work out and fewer friendships have depth than ever before - and why, as a result, we're so stressed out all the time. It's important to believe in something, and to stick by it - maybe not a god or a holy book, if those things don't suit you, but SOMETHING - and if more people don't start to realize that, I think we're in for a rude awakening pretty goddamn soon.
#341 to #269 - borntowrite
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(11/28/2011) [-]
I less than three you
#332 to #269 - hoobydooby
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