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#508 - Frozen_Hatred (11/28/2011) [-]
**Frozen_Hatred rolled a random image** Dear god /b/ really can hunt you down anywhere. You could move across the world, if they want you found, then there is no escape from the anonymous.
#544 to #508 - Rascal (11/28/2011) [-]
I know this one guy with a fake ip, changed name, no family but an unnamed wife, fake location, and records erased.

Could /b/ find him? o_O
#520 to #508 - Rascal (11/28/2011) [-]
just look at what happened to the former "o' so great Boxxy"...
#526 to #520 - Frozen_Hatred (11/28/2011) [-]
Ok now wait I was probably absent from 4chan at the time the hole boxy thing went down. Wtf is with her? Why is she the so called *queen of /b/* and what happened to her?
#567 to #526 - azsh (11/28/2011) [-]
Pretty much, a girl put up a typical teenager video and 4chan found it.
4chan then proceeded to worship her.
Then some on 4chan proceeded to hate her.
4chan scared the **** out of her after long enough, so she stopped interneting.
She came back a few times, not as attractive.
User avatar #562 to #526 - maggotsix (11/28/2011) [-]
All the **** about Boxxy being queen is just troll bait. There is no hierarchy to /b/.
#563 to #562 - Frozen_Hatred (11/28/2011) [-]
Well no **** thats why I said so called queen. I mean come on. how often does /b/ go saying *we are not your personal army!* /b/ needs to work together become like /i/ use to be. /b/ needs more raids
User avatar #566 to #563 - maggotsix (11/28/2011) [-]
True. Sad thing is I got banned from 4chan. :(
#570 to #566 - Frozen_Hatred (11/28/2011) [-]
How? and why not use a proxy and come back?
User avatar #576 to #570 - maggotsix (11/28/2011) [-]
1. CP
2. Unfortunately, I tried using a multiple proxy IP's but I still got the banned message. :/
#591 to #576 - Frozen_Hatred (11/28/2011) [-]
Well most proxys are banned for things like that to. Keep trying and you'll find one that works. Trust me when I use a proxy I have to change it about 10 times before i find one that isn't banned lol
User avatar #592 to #591 - maggotsix (11/28/2011) [-]
True. I was getting redirected to some weird site for a few of them...
#593 to #592 - Frozen_Hatred (11/28/2011) [-]
Well now you know. So get back to 4chan and post some more of that CP!
User avatar #626 to #593 - maggotsix (11/29/2011) [-]
Yay! :D
Everyone was thanking me and treating me like some sort of god, begging me to post more CP. I think I posted like 30 pictures or something before the thread 404'd, then I got banned.
#589 to #576 - Rascal (11/28/2011) [-]
#523 to #520 - ireallyhatefj (11/28/2011) [-]
People still love her. Don't mention her to FJ though, she's your problem 4chan.
#528 to #523 - Rascal (11/28/2011) [-]
Boxxy, our queen and our ruler.
#530 to #528 - Rascal (11/28/2011) [-]
User avatar #529 to #528 - ireallyhatefj (11/28/2011) [-]
She got ugly in her newer videos. Buh-bye.
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