Casually spraying cop. .
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Sad, because occupy is a movement that could have accomplished so much. So misguided, however. A lack of a true, solid set of ideals. That's their single weakness.
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Ugh a bunch of liberals who got less than what they deserved.

It was a college campus, which btw is a formal environment. So when you have a "sit in" on private property and you refuse to leave than they are forced to call the police. When the Police ask you to leave and you don't, than they are obligated to use the force necessary.

If you have ever taken a Criminal Justice course (and did fairly decent) you would know that this amount of force on a large group who refused to cooperate with authority's, was PERFECTLY NECESSARY!

This is just a bunch of morons who think they will be the next guy to be remembered in history. They have absolutely zero idea of what they are "protesting" for, other than the fact that they think its cool. I've seen the video and I've concluded that those morons are also a bunch of pansy's and a bunch of non law abiding citizens. They are more than lucky that Police didn't use more aggressive tactics.

I simply cannot wrap my head around the idea that people believe these "protestors" did nothing wrong?!
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Funny, but I'm struggling to laugh at the picture. : \
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Ohhh, so that's what taco bell hot sauce is for.... all these years i've been putting it on my food and it just tasted so bad. I guess it makes sense to blind yourself b4 you eat that ****
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What I needed
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: ******** :
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