Monkey Logic. Check it out: Desguised Monkey If I had e mun key, I would borow my meme sewing machine an Drug money monke
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Monkey Logic

Desguised Monkey
If I had e mun key, I would borow my meme sewing machine and make
my why a the mower suit. Then it Norene send ‘Theta new reel
wanker. We pet a monkey suit, ccan see the whee, kennel ear "I bet we
firtst clutter: It is e real monkey" and when they uh ‘that new we e
reasonable bet, run were on", my blender weal: ten att the monkey suit
and they wean have to per me titty mum- I wreath my drugs wih the
fifty . Fur the monkey. in he mind seeming his if: in e
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Submitted: 11/25/2011
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#3 - HunterAsesino (11/26/2011) [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #1 - zwappes (11/25/2011) [-]
that is the most smart and ingenious thing i'we heard all day, thumb and favorite for you my friend.
#11 - jintan (11/26/2011) [-]
**jintan rolled a random image** here monkey
#4 - TheCynic (11/26/2011) [-]
So much genius.
User avatar #27 - goddammitbob (11/26/2011) [-]
was anyone else thinking about that one episode of spongebob?
#10 - emprex (11/26/2011) [-]
**emprex rolled a random image**
User avatar #7 - nickiswhoyoupick (11/26/2011) [-]
You are going places sir.
#13 - xsimonne (11/26/2011) [-]
**xsimonne rolled a random image** mfw
#26 - loneranger (11/26/2011) [-]
**loneranger rolled a random image** pic related. :|
User avatar #9 - MonkeyBone (11/26/2011) [-]
Monkey you say?
#32 - mishikp (11/26/2011) [-]
**mishikp rolled a random image**
#31 - dickorcock (11/26/2011) [+] (1 reply)
OP's probably regretting the link he posted right about now.
#30 - swalshy (11/26/2011) [-]
This image has expired
**swalshy rolled a random image** that's monkey business
#24 - livinglegacy (11/26/2011) [-]
is a boss.
#16 - dudeofdudez **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (6 replies)
#14 - nachtmahr **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#2 - anonymous (11/26/2011) [-]
[url deleted]
#8 - YouGayFish (11/26/2011) [-]
**YouGayFish rolled a random image** i did the same thing, except instead of a suit i had a gun and except for drugs i shot up my school.
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