10 Awesome Facts about the Universe. This took way too long to make, but all this blows my mind so i thought id share. Source for all facts: listverse.com/2007/ universe Space cool mind fuck
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10 Awesome Facts about the Universe

10 Awesome Facts
Therefore, If you removed :he emp: y
space from every a: om cha: makes up
he human race,: he resul: ing ma:: er
would : inca a space :he size of a
2. Even: s in :he presen: can effec: wha:
happened in :he pas:. According :o an
experimen: known as :he double sli:
experimen:, wherein ligh: is fired
a: a places wich : sli: s in , if you
observe which sli: ligh: passes erraugh,
observe where i: landed behind :he sli:,
i: ac: s as a wave, which is wierd as i:
erraugh a sli:, :hen observe , i: forces
i: :o have moved erraugh one or :he
o: her. Basically, :he presen: effec: ing
he pas:.
3. A par: icle here can effec: one
on :he o: her side of :he universe,
when : par: icles
are crea: ed simul: chery have
wha: is described as spin. The : . ,
spins mus: cancel macho: her. when .
you observe one, i: will suddenly I
be going clockwise or coun: er clockwise.
The o: her will ins: an: s: : spinning
he o: her way, no ma:: er how far :he
dis: ance be: ween :he : is.
4. There are an infini: e amonn: of
universes. In fac:, scien: is: s say
chery have :he closes: one
o us is 13 :o :he power of 13 :o
he power of 23 me: eres away. Thana
q :7 . . ." . 13 followed by a billion billion
billion zeroes.
iris'.....' -.'. There are around probably more
chan 133 billion galaxies in :he
universe, each containing be: ween
13 million and 13 :billion s: ars.
i. The in: ers: allar gas cloud
sagittarius E con: ains a billion
billion billion : res of alcohol.
E. Scien: is: s have discovered
tatt a plane: composed almos: en: orely
of diamond
The average piece of dus: you 1
and an a: om.
13. There are around LO :2 a: oms in :he
observable universe alone. The es: ima: ed
number for :he en: ire universe is...
infini: e.
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