Omegle Forrest Gump. Omegle comp , mainly about me asking people about Forrest Gump. Please don't skip.. You: we You: rs we You: a box Stranger: hi You: of Stra Forrest Gump omegle comp Life chocolates Box chat random

Omegle Forrest Gump

Omegle comp , mainly about me asking people about Forrest Gump. Please don't skip.

You: we
You: rs we
You: a box
Stranger: hi
You: of
Stranger: ad
You: chocolates god damn rt
Stranger: ad
You: yeah I got it the rust time
You: I am Just really shocked
You: no one on this site has ever heard or lowest gump , _
Stranger: hello
You: HI
You: Me
Stranger: or choclates
You: l mung love you man
You: Ill!
You: Ilka
You: in
You: hm
You: In
Stranger: ml
Tou: hie
Stranger: ht, are u steling: 2
You: yes
You: that' s me
Stranger: alright, so what ls my name’?
You: hm
You: well , of course I know your name
You: were best memes right ,
Stranger: wok, bye-'- and no, u r just a mend and home best J, u r a her
You: oh
You: wait
Ytou: Makes sense.
Tou: one second
Stranger: all nght
You: I want to say that there are a lot or people on thus site
You: so the probability of meeting stephany
You: rs really low
Stranger: Ito, because we already rlrgf one time, so maybe we can klmf agaen
You: Me
You: is
You: like
You: a
You: box
You: of
Stranger: rs ****
Stranger: ****
You: hmm
You: close enough
You: chocolates
You: but **** rs good
Stranger: RUN
You: on god m
Stranger: touch
Stranger: D
Stranger: I just touched you
Stranger: Via cyberspace
Stranger: did you lee! it
Stranger: between your legs
You: well
You: yes I ma I have a massive pond
Stranger: damn
Stranger: I ma well
You: how dd u do that ,
Stranger: I have hands rilled with deer mag:
You: man
Tou: this isjust cool
Stranger: ma you reel that
Stranger: I touched you agaen
Tou: **** you hurt me man
You: dent hit that hard
You: gotta
You: call
You: 9
You: l
You: drewd
lieu: hie
lieu: rs
lieu: we
lieu: a
lieu: box
lieu: or
Stranger: chocolate
lieu: man
lieu: you are just great
lieu: l love Omega howl
lieu: wanna be best friends ,
Stranger: heyy a girl tor a girl to talk to
You: hie rs we a box or
You: I am not a irl but I can dress as one If u answer the uestion
Stranger: I like colored pencils
Stranger: they are so cute
You: are you a girl
Stranger: I hate crayons on tuesdays I we them on Wednesdays mot
Stranger: and yes
Stranger: tho'
You: are you In the Michell ,
Stranger: nope
Stranger: In the saty/ e
You: that' s wired
Stranger: yea
Stranger: I know
You: put as tar as yours not out of the kitchen rs
Stranger: why rs this
You: , youll understand
Stranger: an hav
You: bunnyjunk
Stranger: I make timbres
You: google it
Stranger: tor real
Stranger: no thanks, google scares
Stranger: me
You: twinkees , good what about samwiches ,
Stranger: heyy
You: Me
You: rs
You: we
You: a
You: box
You: oi
Stranger: huh
Stranger: ,
Stranger: ,
Stranger: ,
You: wrest gum
Stranger: om
Stranger: as
I know I' ll get 3 thumbs or something ,
but I just wanted to know if you guys find
this funny. If you don' t, please don' t skip and
give me some feedback. Thank you i
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#3 - friedpotato (11/23/2011) [-]
I hope i'll see you there!
I hope i'll see you there!
#6 - cdiganon **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#5 - anonymous (11/24/2011) [-]
that last one. LMFAO.
#2 - anonymous (11/23/2011) [-]
**anonymous rolled a random image**
whoo , just kidding i liked the comp , that's not my face .
this is my face when i saw your comp .
#1 - anonymous (11/23/2011) [-]
**anonymous rolled a random image** MFW .
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