Pug. I thought it was hilarious. Couldn't stop laughing, found it on the interwebz. And i haven't been on funnyjunk lately so if its a repost sorry/. Why have i funny Dog captioned
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Therapist pug.
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The... Rapist pug? Wat.
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Pugs face when placemat.
Pugs face when placemat.
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Today, my dad found a lost pug in the bushes outside my house while he was setting up our family's Christmas lights. The dog didn't have any tags but a rabies vaccine identification tag with the local animal-hospital's number. So we call but their answering machine picked up. We left a message. Then my father and I took the poor pug around my neighborhood, house to house, looking for his owner. We made it about two thirds through the neighborhood when I was beginning to believe that we wouldn't find the dog's owner when all of sudden calling out, "Breezy!" From down the road I the dog's owner running towards us. The pug leaped out of my arms before I even knew what was going on. He ran two houses down all the way his owner, some woman I've never seen but could only assume is a neighbor of mine. She picked her Breezy up and yelled to my father and me, "Thank you!" My father and I then made our way back home. We began talking about how good it feels to make a difference in a stranger's life and how good it feels to help people. As we got home I walked my way up to our porch and walked inside my house when I realized my dad wasn't behind me. I turned around and to my astonishment I saw him walk through the door, get on the floor, and everybody walked the dinosaur!
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**wolfekilla rolled a random image**
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Gentlemen thread. GO!
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love pugs, they are so stupid.
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Haters gun hate
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Pugs are adorable!  
... gif is potentially related.
Pugs are adorable!

... gif is potentially related.
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They seriously need to get rid of the Pug breed and keep going with the Jug idea... they look better anyway and dont have breathing problems : /
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fat pugs have breathing problems because of their flat faces. they love to eat and have slow metabolisms, but if you give them exercise and watch their food intake they do just fine. mine doesn't even snore when she sleeps.
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they are pugs crossed with jack russells... do you think pugs were always around? it is a man made dog breed, there is nothing wrong with improving it.
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let my people go!
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Holy crap.. I found a pug the other day and we named it ms.piggies but we found the owner and gave him back..... is THAT YOU MRS.PUGGLES????
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nope. it's just me, puggles. i've been wandering around lost here for over a year!
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Haven't laughed that hard in a while, thanks.
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I know right?:) your welcome
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**EnjoiYourDay rolled a random image** but how
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i love the dogs eyes....
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I know right?? It makes the picture perfect! X)
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this was funny the first time i saw it
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