An Egyptian Tribute. Link or it never happened: on friday 28th of egypt revolution hero
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An Egyptian Tribute

on friday 28th of January,
Dr. Ahmed Harare aest his right
eye fer an "accidental" rubber
bullet eike many others who Test
their eyes and/ er mere on this
infamous day of the revelution.
As the wound that took his
vision headed, He put an eye
patch on his eye on which
28 January" was carved as a
remembrance of the day he gave
his right eye for freedom.
And new, as egyptians revert again
against the corrupted figgers that
are currently in centred in the
l stage, Dr. Ahmed
Harare had another. stand.
on saturaday, 20th of november on
3: 00 am, Dr. Ahmed Harare aest his
Weft eye.
In a aive interview today that
gamest xtians watched, He
said "I' d rat er aive beind and
free than healthy and .
As the interview came to an end,
He raised his head and gave a
grateful smile that honestly made
me cry and smile at the same time.
In 20 years er , I can see myserf
sittin with my children and teaming
them t e tabe of the brave man who
gave his eyes fer eur cry fer freedom.
Respect " -
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