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#273 - TehTy
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(11/22/2011) [-]
FunnyJunk gets, like, half of it's **** from Tumblr.
The occupy wallstreet joke pic that made frontpage yesterday was from Tumblr (See: picture).
This is as pointless as a war with 4chan, which also had a war on Tumblr, which resolved to them being best friends. (See: 4chumblr)
Tumblr isn't attacking FJ, so there's little to no point in attacking Tumblr.
Neither is better than the other, I come to Fj for the community and funny pictures, as well as the good OC, while I go to Tumblr for random ass gifs, artsy stuff, and my friends who are also on Tumblr.
Now I have to go make some funny comments to make up for the negative thumbs I'm going to get for this.