OLLIE WILLIAMS quotes. i got all his quotes together and put them on this site because i thought he is sorandom and so is FJ so they should go together enjoy!.  familyguy ollie williams quotes


i got all his quotes together and put them on this site because i thought he is sorandom and so is FJ so they should go together enjoy!

Tom: In local news, we have more on the approach of Hurricane Rupaul as it makes his or her way up the coast, Let' s go live to Ollie
Williams with the Blaccuweather report. Ollie?
Ollie: It' s sideways!
Tom: Sounds rough, Ollie. Do you have an umbrella?
Ollie: Had one!
Tom: Where is it?
Ollie: Inside out, 2 miles away! o LIIE WILLIAM s
Tom: Is there anything we can do for you? -
Ollie: Bring me some soup! T
Tom: What kind? SAYIN G S
Ollie: CHUNKY, T
Tom: MI right, we' ll get on that,
Tom: Welcome to Channel 5 news. Now let' s go to Ollie Cooking Corner. What are you cooking, Ollie?
Ollie: EGGIN
Tom: Thanks, Ollie.
Tom: ‘I cant figure out how to check my email from home.
Ollie: Did you check your TEE? settings?!
Tom: Yes, I did, Ollie.
Ollie: Enabled cookies?!
Tom: Yes, Ollie.
Ollie: You want this dog?!
Tom: No, thank you, Ollie.
Tom: ‘Good evening. I' m Tom Tucker with Channel 5 news. We now go live to Ollie recc n 1' the events of the last episode of
Family Guy. What happened last time, Ollie?‘
Ollie: Stewie killed Lois!
Tom: Then what?
Ollie: Peter got blamed!
Tom: Then what?
Ollie: Peter went to court!
Tom: Then what?
Ollie: Lois came back!
Tom: How?
Ollie: ‘Wasn' t really dead!
Tom: Thanks, Ollie. And now, part 2!
Marijuana was recently legalized in Quahog, and everyone is toking, including Tom Tucker and Diane Simmons)
Tom: Okay. You can read the next one.
Diane: (laughs) No, you can
Tom: No, you.
Diane: Okay. Okay. Okay. Let' s read it both together. Ready?
Tom: Okay.
Tom and Diane: Here' s Ollie wnh" ams with the Blaccuweather forecast, _ , -
Tom: How' s the weather look, Ollie? ' - .
Ollie: (calmly; stoned) Not too bad. I l I
Tom: Some new developments in the Flight 209 drama. pilot, Captain Glenn Quagmire, is apparently talking the
plane down. Ollie has the story. Ollie?
Ollie: I' m at the wrong airport!
Tom: Oops. Well, thanks, Ollie.
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