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Common Myths Busted part 3

Common Myths
by Silentfrod
A Female Can' t Get Pregnant if the Male "Pulls Out" Before
He Ejaculates
This is a huge myth! Withdrawal is not always a reliable
method, and there are several reasons for this. Once a male
becomes aroused, he ejects fluid -- this fluid
can contain at least 300, 000 sperm (and it only takes 1 to
join an egg)! There is also the risk that he doesn' t pull out in
time as, in the heat of the moment, it can be hard to keep
control. Even if he ejaculates outside of the vagina, sperm
can swim, so semen anywhere near the vagina can still lead
to pregnancy (this means that pregnancy can occur even
without penile penetration if a male ejaculates on or near
the vagina). Withdrawal can be an effective method, but
only if it is done perfectly (which is extremely hard to do).
A Female Can' t Get Pregnant if She Has Sex During Her
Many women (and men) believe this myth. It is possible
for a female to get pregnant at any time during her
menstrual cycle. Generally, when you are having your
period, it means that you are not ovulating. If this is the
case, then you will not get pregnant. However, females
with irregular or shorter cycles can actually ovulate
during their period. It is not guaranteed that you will
ovulate motocycle. Sperm can live inside a woman' s body
for up to 5 days, so if you ovulate anytime within I days of
having unprotected sex, you could become pregnant.
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Acne Is Caused By Uncleanliness - It is a common
believe that people with acne simply don' t wash their
faces often enough or don' t scrub hard enough when
they do wash. This is not true at all! Having acne
doesn' t mean that you are "dirty" or that you don' t
clean yourself. In fact, overfishing of the skin can
cause irritation whic ma worsen your acne
condition. .
Reading in the dark damages your eyes. It may
create fatigue but it wont hurt your eyes in any way.
Despite circumstantial evidence that constanly
straining your eyes can weaken you vision. Robert
of New York University Medical Center,
like most experts, says reading in the dark is safe
Nighttime Eating Makes You Fat.
Put this diet myth to bed. There' s no conclusive proof
that waterfight meals cause you to put on weight. What
we do know is that too many calories cause weight
gain, and many night eaters do tend to overeat and
choose foods. Still, eating right before
bedtime can lead to heartburn and indigestion. So try
to stick to regular c- and earlier -- mealtimes
Coffee Isn' t Good for You.
This is a recently debunked diet myth. Coffee, when
consumed in moderation (2 to 3 cups daily), is a safe
part of a healthy diet and contributes antioxidant
petrochemicals. In fact, research suggests coffee
may help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes,
gallstones, Parkinson' s disease, even some cancers.
Keep coffee calories in check, though. Steer clear of
trimmings like cream, sugar, and flavored syrups
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Goldfish have a memory of only three seconds.
The notion that goldfish have a memory of only
three seconds is completely false
They have been trained to navigate mazes and can
recognize their owners after an exposure of a few
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