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User avatar #310 - mdunphy (11/14/2011) [-]
lol whats a friend zone
User avatar #358 to #310 - cptalpaca (11/14/2011) [-]
Either you've been protected from other females by your parents or you're just a girl-repellent, but friendzoned refers to a person who has been placed in the friend zone. A friend zone is where a girl considers a guy to be her friend and wouldn't consider a relationship with him. All that effort wasted. Such a shame.
#351 to #310 - toonyoshi (11/14/2011) [-]
Its where your pretty much ****** at getting the girl to be your girlfriend. And getting laid.
User avatar #323 to #310 - missunicornpoop (11/14/2011) [-]
oh dear god what planet are you from?
User avatar #326 to #323 - mdunphy (11/14/2011) [-]
earth? retard
#328 to #326 - missunicornpoop (11/14/2011) [-]
oh my god. it was a joke and your the retard you didn't even know what the friend zone was.
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