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#157 - Padmeamidalatwo
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(11/12/2011) [-]
Last night my friend and her boyfriend tagged along to a party I was invited to; nothing big, more of a mature crowd (30+). I'm always the DD and I'm diabetic so I never drink, and this crowd doesn't like pot so I waited for everything to die down and we left. Before driving the hour back home, we stopped in a parking lot and got retard high. Not even 2 minutes after (and my car smells like a grow op at this point) we get pulled over for a ride program. I say "Heeeyyyyyyyy *big smile*" "Have you had any alcoholic beverages tonight?" "*mumbles at first* N,no. I'm diabetic, always DD". My friend is smiling like an idiot at him from the passengers seat. I know I'm getting ****** at this point... "Okay, you guys have a great night."

TLDR: My pot mobile gets pulled over, cop can't smell anything apparently, lets me go home.
#165 to #157 - savemeelle
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(11/12/2011) [-]
like a boss