Skyrim Hero saves the day. this gave me a feel.jpg EDIT #1: First of all this is from a news website and not mine, secondly I don't care if i get thumbs or not  skyrim hero
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Skyrim Hero saves the day

Skyrim Hero saves the day. this gave me a feel.jpg EDIT #1: First of all this is from a news website and not mine, secondly I don't care if i get thumbs or not

this gave me a feel.jpg

EDIT #1: First of all this is from a news website and not mine, secondly I don't care if i get thumbs or not I liked this post so I thought I would share it (99% chance this would of been uploaded by someone else).

Also If its fake or not I don't care, wouldn't be the first time something got thumbed up that wasnt true on this site.

Kid Gets Copy of Skyporn Stolen Out of
Hands s Feet Outside of Earnest's
Heat get back hem the midnight release , Sid-‘ rim. There was a 13 ‘year old bay there. He
walked mt of the store with his fresh eopy and, about 5 feet mt the do or, some g deu eheh
swiped it right wt of his hands and ran with it. He one tried step him and I was me far away do
anythin g ab eet it.
I talked the kid. He was on the verge endears.
Apear entry he rode his bike 2 miles (tone way), in the mid, at night just get the eopy that he paid fer
eet of his own met. I asked how he paid for it, and he said by sewn g a bunch of his Darda and
doing hens ewers for his parents.
I deid him I had an idea. I asked the kid promise save my place in lin e. He agreed. I deid him
remain mug and that everythin g would he OK.
I went thr en the huge line of peepee waiting and told huddles " others ab wt the situati on. I
asked for peepee pitch in if they meld. Five bucks here, a few bucks there. I eat ally worked
enoegh in den ati ens buy him a new eopy and gave it him. He was tek. He
thanked me and, pointing them wt the bay, I deid him thank the peepee who donated as well. He
sheek my han d, asked my name, and asked if I needed him anythin g in return. I told him, G'. Teen g
man.,.., I just hope ene day som sothing equally nice for seemen e.”
Pm not making fer a pat on the batik - Pm just hapin g in spire tethers and help peepee understand
that not a rotten bastard.
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Submitted: 11/11/2011
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#11 - Absolute Madman (11/11/2011) [+] (29 replies)
Biggest thumwhoring ******** i've read.

1. The game is a 15 rating, he shouldn't have even been purchasing it and i'm not sure how the staff actually allowed it for starters, first sniff of ******** here.

2. What parents let a 13 year old cycle down to a shop at midnight to purchase a game. At least give him a ride, if he snuck out of the house to go and buy a game he isn't actually old enough then he's risking himself.

3. WTF is this **** about asking "How he paid?" If a kid got his game stolen, you don't ask him how he paid for it, that's utter **** , it wouldn't even cross your mind, it also doesn't matter. "Selling Yu-Gi-Oh cards", ye alright, just pick something you think a 13 year old might do.

4. No one stopped the guy who swiped it, even though there were according to your report there was "a huge line of people", yet everyone was willing to donate towards a new game.

5. So after buying him the game you let him cycle home 2 miles on a cold night by himself again? That's a let down.

This story is full of **** , and it's going to be an absolute joke that it reaches front page. Get a grip FJ.
User avatar #130 to #11 - ecstaticpants (11/12/2011) [-]
Anon, i'm going to respectfully disagree and hope I don't get raped for having an opinion.

1. Even if it has a 15 rating, if his parents are okay with it, they can buy it for him. At Gamestop, if the parent pre orders in full, they don't need to be there for you to pick it up. It's also not against the law for a store to sell PEGI rated games to minors.

2. Some parents don't care what their kid does, or just don't know. I've had young friends like this. You don't know that he wasn't responsible enough to wear a helmet or reflective tape or anything.

3. I would be interested in how a kid paid for a game, if he's very young and there aren't any parents with him. He could be making it up to get a game for free.

4. It's midnight, people are cold, looking at their phones, looking forward in the line, etc. The kid is young, the man probably could have got it without the man putting up the fight and the kid too scared to shout anything.

5. If the parents were already worried about their kid possibly sneaking out, not knowing where he was, it would cause even more problems to see and old man drive him home. The kid made it here, he could make it home himself. Maybe this wasn't the best call, but whatever, it happened.

Why can't you people just let a happy story on an awesome day go bye without criticizing it like english literature students?
#398 - twista **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (5 replies)
#352 - subboy (11/12/2011) [-]
Promises to get kid Skyrim.

Gets him Modern Warfare 3.
#139 - finalfantasyfan (11/12/2011) [+] (3 replies)
Sees you lost your copy of Skyrim.

Ends up gathering donations for a replacement.
#102 - harryboom (11/11/2011) [+] (3 replies)
I'm confiscating your stolen goods. Now pay your fine or it's off to jail.
#1112 - warcrytr (11/12/2011) [-]
**warcrytr rolls 0**
User avatar #332 - quintonsnic (11/12/2011) [+] (3 replies)
Little did they know the asshole that stole the copy of Skyrim? The boys older brother
#394 - hauntzor (11/12/2011) [-]
At the end of the story, I didn't have a feel at all.

I was still fuming from the fact that I know some *********** dickwipe is out there somewhere, right now, playing his stolen and undeserved copy of Skyrim.
#1066 - saltychestnut **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#242 - nefar (11/12/2011) [-]
#1421 - indubitablelogic (11/12/2011) [+] (3 replies)
#597 - imflawless (11/12/2011) [+] (5 replies)
We should track down the thief,observe his every move, learn his schedule then when he least expects it "STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM"

then we kick his ass
#540 - iRoflcopterU (11/12/2011) [-]
I think that we should find the asshole who stole that kid Skyrim.
I think that we should find the asshole who stole that kid Skyrim.
#1445 - yourmomiswatching (11/12/2011) [-]
<--- What you should have done.
#1215 - lurkaholic (11/12/2011) [-]
I think I found the culprit
#1148 - rockercdc **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#951 - jjholt (11/12/2011) [+] (2 replies)
>13 year old kid
>M-Rated game
>buying it on his own
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