The History of Slender Man. edit yep top ten and i gave credit to the artist in the description edit woohoo top fifteen edit oh yeah top 20 editWow top 40 on my Slender man
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The History of Slender Man

The History of Slender Man. edit yep top ten and i gave credit to the artist in the description edit woohoo top fifteen edit oh yeah top 20 editWow top 40 on my

*edit* yep top ten and i gave credit to the artist in the description
*edit* woohoo top fifteen
*edit* oh yeah top 20
*edit*Wow top 40 on my first upload thanks guys
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The Slenderman.
That is my name.
Der Rifter.
All of those are
known for them. . .
but there are a
few things, I,
the Slenderman. ..
am not known
I tran' t really recall
ever being physically
born... I guess I wasnt t. Of course not...
I' m not human.
Not even close...
Not normal...
That' s very
Humans are
such sickened
things. . .and
their littl
are very
disgusting. They should all be
I led. Maybe even
slowly. Morbidly.
People were afraid of
me. They treated me
differently, and I got
sick of it. I began to
hide in trees. . . they
were the tallest
things around.
I also began to notice how in
humans, the children were much
allora innocent, and stupid than
the adults. _ When adults saw me.
they would try to run, or
hurt me, in defense. . . but
children... If they
didn' t scream and cry,
they innocently came towards
Though, I do
one, single littl
Barrie Linn, was ’
a kind little CA . ll k d
soul... . y socca yaw war.
and liked things
like bugs. . . she
wasn' t like other
I little girls, and
was also made fun
of for her
freckles. . .
It was almost amazing how this one,
single little child didn' t run
from me _ and apparently, for a
while she was my , friend' _ She
wasn' t afraid she didn' t give
me funny looks, or yell at me
like than But, what I didn' t
knoll... reas that this so cal led
friendship , would end _in
quite a messy fashion
She began drawing us
together a lot. I dim’ t
really can too much...
But the adults
It turns out, little Sarah They finally realized
Manic had a down syndrome that after school.
of some kind, an Autism, she would also go
or, something I into the woods to
couldn' t really care meet me. They didn' t
new But once her parents know why she went
heard from the teachers into the woods, but
that she went into the they kdrew it was dan-
genius. and the
tall man' she was
drawing. might of
been some sort of
woods during macs
began to worry.
I decided to
thing I could
think pf doing. 7
l happily killed
I‘ . little Sarah"
Marnie’ s I
And oh this girl,
ror. someone who
seemed to be so
It was almost confusing.
Bu it was clear that
That was as far as she got,
before she took her last breath.
I killed her... litt e/ Sarah Barrie... Was now
my third victim... Oh, but how amazing... how
enjoyable it was... Her voice, her crying, her
Once she was dead, it felt
As I ripped her insides out of her,
I began to think. . and real ized. . .Humans don' t
run away from me just because of my
kill them. ..they knew my purpose even before I
did. Ki I ling humans... It makes me happy. Being
with the chi Id was always an apathetic feeling,
but then I knew that the only thing that would
truly ma e
So you see, I am the
Slenderman... and I
enjoy my w) trk... killing
children is a thrill,
and making friends is
never a mistake I' II
make again. There is
such pitiful emotion
that I need... Humans
are disgusting, and
their children are even
wrorse... But it' s Mkay.
You can have Mpe...
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#14 - hocki (11/10/2011) [+] (1 reply)
#36 - brotein ONLINE (11/10/2011) [+] (2 replies)
<--- When someone asks why he killed them.
#26 - berbercurlyhair (11/10/2011) [+] (11 replies)
I want to see you try it on this guy.
#519 - roflepicfail (11/11/2011) [+] (1 reply)
I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.....
#23 - EdwardNigma (11/10/2011) [+] (12 replies)
Once, me and my friend were discussing slender man. I was like "Wait, I am tall, skinny, pale as **** , hate people and am potentially sociopathic. I am the son of Slender Man!"

But fear not, my friends, I would use my power for justice. By killing everyone from jersey shore and everyone who likes it.
#42 - acetrainerewan (11/10/2011) [-]
as i read 'next' the doorbell went

#589 - herptehderp (11/11/2011) [+] (2 replies)
mt friends name was billy.............
#443 - grayxxtiger (11/11/2011) [-]
Anybody else remember?
#154 - complicationed (11/10/2011) [+] (6 replies)
**complicationed rolled a random image** Ponies and I'm the next victim
#198 - ronnywillkillyou (11/10/2011) [+] (2 replies)
**ronnywillkillyou rolled a random image** <-- who kills slenderman
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#20 - bazilball (11/10/2011) [-]
its cool i wasnt planning on sleeping this year anyway
#525 - hungryfish (11/11/2011) [+] (1 reply)
Good thing I'm not a human.
#358 - Acity (11/11/2011) [+] (1 reply)
hey man, hands off..... THEY ARE MINE
#56 - lolwutx **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (14 replies)
#359 - Foopert (11/11/2011) [+] (4 replies)
*slowly draws out sword*
...I don't think so...
#169 - wargeneralwest (11/10/2011) [-]
you know, this reminds me of...
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