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User avatar #2068 - littlejessicaxox (11/09/2011) [-]
I have a weird thing for gingers and none of my friends get it.
User avatar #2129 to #2068 - SoulCaster ONLINE (12/23/2011) [-]
You should meet my friend then...he has never had a girlfriend and he is 18, I feel bad for him because I mean, it's not even that he's ugly in fact he's actually a pretty good looking guy and he has a good personality, he just doesn't realize that you aren't supposed to act like you're a girls brother for months and THEN ask her out, he has friend zoned himself with every girl he has ever met :(
User avatar #2130 to #2129 - littlejessicaxox (12/23/2011) [-]
id love to :)... but the problem with Internet set ups is that it usually ends with someone wearing someones face.
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