Comp of MY Facebook Statuses VIII. Comp VII: /funny_pictures/2842460/Comp+of+MY+Facebook+Statuses+VII/ I did not make these up.. Jaw: In China, Too Young" is ju Comp of MY Facebook Statuses VIII VII: /funny_pictures/2842460/Comp+of+MY+Facebook+Statuses+VII/ I did not make these up Jaw: In China Too Young" is ju
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Comp of MY Facebook Statuses VIII

In China, Too Young" is just a name,
Like 'Camment 'May 31 at 11:
Joey -
Saying ‘we an still be friends" is like your mom telling you that your dog died and
saying 'you an still keep it,"
Like Camment May 30 at 10', 10. . p,
If! David -. Justina -, Bree End 3 others like this,
Perry this is such a good lil line!
May 30 at 10', . Like
Haw came when your wife' s pregnant all her Female friends rub her dummy and say
But nobody rubs your balls and says good jab!
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sh Andrew - and Steve- like this,
Rachelle - your silly
May 29 at 1: . Like
Ma , I' m pregnant and thats the funniest thing
May 29 at 2: via mobile . Like
Eva "M- . 2 mutual friends
Seriously, ..
May 29 at . Like
IF you and get it widd cleavage it' s nat warm your time,
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Brittany-_, Dannany 2 others like this,
Joey "
I hate when I buy a bag of air and there are chips in it,
Like 'Camment blay 27 at 12:
Steve-, Nisantasi q others like this,
Danna -Imam!
May 27 at 12: . Like
Another prom season, MTV' s EL Pregnant begins their hunt.
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Chr' rutine_ . 12 mutual friends
tokay, I have ta admit it, that ane is pretty good!!
May 26 at 2: . Like
Mariohana I)
May 27 at 3: . Like
Joey i
The Bible is like a software license. Nobody actually reads it, they just scroll ta the
bantam and dick , agree,"
Like .Goernment Flay 24 at , . am
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Janey -
I dan' t know anything about Christianity but dads just enough knoweledge ta
exploit it,
Like Comment "Ma....' 23 at 12:
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Rd: Lave ane another, except Far that guy.
Joey I
People always wanna wear your glasses and be like "Maw, you really and see
huh?! l." It' s like no shit asshole you dan' t see sameone trying ta lake sameone' s
wheelchair and say "Maw, you really and walk huh! F
Like Comment "hloy 22 at 11:
Jared _, and 2 others like this,
Have you ever looked in the tailed after a massive poop and think What' s haw much
dick. I cauld trake?'
Like Comment "fried" in at 3:
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Isaiah - that is kinda grass!
Martha ‘Uh my god we are laughing so hard out in my
dads shop we had ta lake a break!!! lal. . ..
May 23 at 3: . Like
Elli! roues
June 8 at & . Like
Alcahol impairs your ability ta make good decisions. We dan' t want ta lose that
ability, we want her ta.
Ashley S Samandira and Karissa we this,
Joey I
Far a good time all Sheniqua at Na Fa Fa Na Fa,
Like "Comment May 13 at 9:
5 Brittany -End Silken - like this,
Maya _amg yau' re awake
May 18 at 9: . Like
Joey -yeah i got up mad early today
May 18 at 9: . Like
Buy a hamster. Name him 'virginity', Lase him, Close enough,
Like 'Camment 'May 17 at 11: Juhani
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