Jesus Vs. Batman!. Not mine, found on Failbook but I have not seen it on here yet so I hope you all enjoy. EDIT: Holy crap Frontpage, thanks guys!. Glenn My hep na na na na na n
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Jesus Vs. Batman!

Jesus Vs. Batman!. Not mine, found on Failbook but I have not seen it on here yet so I hope you all enjoy. EDIT: Holy crap Frontpage, thanks guys!. Glenn My hep

Not mine, found on Failbook but I have not seen it on here yet so I hope you all enjoy.
EDIT: Holy crap Frontpage, thanks guys!

Glenn My hep beats yam here. Thanks desusu
E September 17 at we / r/ e 'v' ieb
Repaid I' m pretty" sire with , Bzi. tman
were beat thes' , put at Jesus.
September 17 at S: I it it people
September 17 at fr, - eh
Repaid . . Never said. it was. ' s forthe
aeti. r. k. of aikaan an it . Matter.
September 17 at. r pit Emma
Julie we wave?
September '
I Hahn says I' m trying rrs. . 7.
September It at r it I men
Julie 1' , Np but seriously, was respect please..
September fret Ere
em It respect yaw: respect mine,
And, my belief's that Batman candid beat Jesuses a match ate
quarters what.
September 17 at ' Jpm r sh Swede
Enrique -."'”'i" pi. ire stupid
September fret 6:
Julie my harm nun wheh
September 17 r , imam
Ronald tay' rsi'*
September r nth I person
Rossi. I' m_ pret: sure the trademark afire laser ina
September 1? at 6', I #12 pimple
Glenn Dang Mic] why we meet?
September 17 at finr' Jpm
Julie Hey hey, rip name calling okay? [i
September 17 at 6:
Ronald ' ?' I' m hating an anypne.
You sair) that Jesus 1. ridd " hear, new; and Batman
could tatally Wm Jesus. .
September 17 at r , 2 people
Steer: ,
September 17 at : 3' ippm
Enrique I' m pretty we the winner in a Heat isp.
stra: irag were the weld. But, 1.' everet. spla. thairs,
September 17 at 5: I pew
Julie Nash, far ' s a hat terse it I dmit
has % recut' rect efi: er ' tent? are
thetry. cauld receive Venetian it .
September 17 at -E: S. rtem
Ronald Acually, Entries has than tram the has
whip with the use rate , and the precess_ wes amt was
than three days.
September 17 at" r it . 1. e
Enrique Actyually seine: is HEW, mime ypi_ i' _ a, yhd.
September , r #21
Elem Well y. e. deeds' e: artier,
September 1? at 5: 3?
Julie Brant warty Jesus Christ forit fail yap. tale's twing yap
r: m. mse. sstop changes. Semen gait save yarn, sari ewe yep, not
wily hapenis Jesus Christ, B Us, sinners, need it
Sahel B
September 17 at 6: r , 2 people
REESE . Tame all the . supyoas rip
irreverent passer" befits awn. Ttfatf. . om his feather, He was a we man at
aild. brittle sense with a. : hwy. On the
awe" trend, Bruce Wayne Mashhad years training
aith . Plus,. the
incredible" . 'ammount" . ed. , he has atlas disposal.
September '
Enrique And ytou' the he that bruce
September 17 at
Ramrod much (tath in Ihe. estrus. tr. a. e id
Bria: e Wayne as yap do in the existence at Jesus Christ: I__ guiess we can
say we both have with par desprite .supe? hero. eti:;
September 17 at 6: we Epeople
En_. trique . -seeds up "scientific . of Bruce
Wayne" and fair Jesus, Jesus will with
September If at
Julie Happier that' s whee we gm . ziip, has Chest
whee: warty mane a.% maan he sis. He dame ta traingle with
sinners, with Hfs. treatin. whenthe .. ssdp. r: rame Arathi. ,
Hats a God ' why He' sstill lee its live this
day. He Edie power. be takeaway. , tarry day. Byte's
because we par given . retry pm crap's. and
Fallow '. . thrilling are
dpn' Savior, we were barn with sip., , He sacrificed
peddle we deft deserve it, Jule wee new
wrath J. . f mane we panne. r) and rebelled , He was
upps only Sen ta replacers spot and receive the price. He was and is .
Indeed . asit.
September 17 at
Julie Strret.. baess isn' t mew its explain my givith and lave he
my Save. I' m tap its red it Turf . attr, mark
Win my spot, Hews my LIE. c.
September 17 at & r
Hurrah] Tau thaw, Lire, I very mush regect yer level
of yam" harp. Realty, we' homework,
But; Bruce were sacrificed , he, and ,
weeds. He. we HERE' S way .' y single highs. he that the
maple . an reskin m. sraa: ***** the that that' they’ re protected
havethe feces phat. He had eveyr"_ ight ta live an proxier% sly and
Amii's. rie. . g,. butok mess the
greater gap' demure his awn life. I think a martyr as we
hero, Plus; heaad e hardass head. quarters' In a Eve unite his em.
September 17 at 6: r its it people
Julie Nth. fhe dime he dpes. the power ta save US them
airship; he doesntt have the parser its save us harp Ends wrath.
heme we will bav. afra. when ‘the day infrigment
chiness, the good.. erorrs can' t save yep, trting. tro bee .. mad" wean vat
neve he us, Thus, the tuf. eto. seti. sirrah Jesus the
only are qualified, Plus; 1'.. rirg. ht Batman gived are peiople. he saved
Jesus. Chr? .. dodrio thah. k twice in careering isomers. nity
rebelled , New that' s pve. croire, my triend.- Elli, and Gudhak
pregers [t Iha. t. ymo were peep 'ebonheart teethe
was . It
September 17 at r ,
Resold he'. r. renot discussing, fight betweem aid .s. rnd
deg the . csd remit tafe dose meets this light
b. btween. " Christ, the man, and Batman, the shiifter needs, I
Herd: the already displayed the mare eels between the' twp, lets
discuss the phyical and ' and cans.
Bruce Wayne has . t ta the driest, beds, an assault
ham darkseid which resulted in .hin. o beinng a nestle? PEPE? -tat
warping between differe. , met merry we
beatings and kira. till alive in net my tell the tale, butto meme
the gated (ight' s That' s morethan e lift ,
September It at NJ r rib it peaple
Ere when Jesus was real, as trixy( ta a Marvel '
herd, fed with this bread, raised peptide ham
the dead, weltered an . healed the lame, Hind, made fig
i' eiether steed pr. -did meme wrang, fair .
withers weer, got crucified tbr doing were , than rose hen
the deed , trit. trat, mako. ofthe way ta get
tist sf rais_ i: umt:, and were barkin heaven ., 1
September 17 at 7:
REE“ First at all, E_ at: igiari ; I_ C heirs. Betti: straight.
Inever claimed Jesus was a ' an, so new
And, that' s asll. f. . attend good, but I en ta see humany pt" these Itto. uld
help Jesus in a fist fight (h. rustling the twp tan rack, that' s
are at whit. Aut, why did it the him days targets heaven? With the
get ta. themather side at ihe. a Few hours,
September 17 at 7: r sh 1 Eran
Enrique Jesus is ALL POWERFUL, Nuff' said
September 17 at '-':JIJ‘ pm
Julie First stair‘, Jesus wpa. Hdn' t g_ _ ' itp a ‘Fist fightin Wethe
piece plus) hasse Drie (iaith tarn, we it, [I
He has scanner hutt_ e} -he' s we use' Hkr. grmmr% r has an all in all,
espiritual are Redhair as , Hetare and He already WHEN. It
that He diti' ressurrect and He/ iid.. en.
September It at h
Herald A . rre due lit! . . tiu. mphh
a as he he part. Sis. yap admit . e Wayne was
September P, r_ s'
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What do you think? Give us your opinion. Anonymous comments allowed.
#42 - Wingbuster (11/06/2011) [-]
Anyone else not give a **** about Enrique?
User avatar #165 to #42 - Downey (11/07/2011) [-]
lol yeah gtfo Enrique
#210 - sandexicutionist (11/07/2011) [-]
Jesus has parents, Jesus wins. Jesus also does my gardening and landscaping.
#12 - JSismyname (11/06/2011) [-]
I think the picture says it all...
#97 - roxasbaby ONLINE (11/07/2011) [-]
Yo Julie imma let you finish, but batman could easily beat Jesus in hand to hand combat.
User avatar #23 - zevran (11/06/2011) [-]
I like how these Christians become all defensive and preachy once their prophet is mentioned.
User avatar #27 to #23 - xkmarcus (11/06/2011) [-]
I thought that's what we disliked about them?
User avatar #28 to #27 - zevran (11/06/2011) [-]
No no, it discredits them making us look smarter than we really are, besides, it's fun to watch.
#30 to #28 - xkmarcus (11/06/2011) [-]
I agree with that, I know, but no matter what you say, not matter what logic you throw at them, they still think they came out of it the victor with all the know?
User avatar #31 to #30 - zevran (11/06/2011) [-]
Yeah, I know. You can never convince them they are wrong. But to anyone else watching they look like brainwashed fools. Which is really the only reason I bother to argue with them.
User avatar #40 to #38 - zevran (11/06/2011) [-]
If you say so...
User avatar #41 to #40 - swittig (11/06/2011) [-]
All I'm saying is that not all Christians are like the people in this post. And as a Christian who is accepting of all people, it hurts to see people categorizing the majority of good Christians with preachy people like this.
User avatar #43 to #41 - zevran (11/06/2011) [-]
Sure. I didn't say all christians are like these guys. I'm sure most Christians are nice people. It's your religion I've got a problem with. Not the people who belive in it.
#156 - enclavesoldier (11/07/2011) [-]
my god wins
#33 - mango (11/06/2011) [-]
MFW They say batman is fictional and Jesus isn't.
User avatar #645 to #33 - smatches (11/07/2011) [-]
She was totally avoiding the general question cause she knew Batman would easily whoop Jesus in a straight up fist fight. Twat.
User avatar #64 to #33 - wallacewells (11/07/2011) [-]
Not trying to sound dicky, but denying the existence of Jesus is stupid. Whether or not he is truly the human manifestation of God is what the whole dispute is about.
User avatar #118 to #64 - mostinterestingman (11/07/2011) [-]
At its core, ignoring everything that religions and comic books say about both of them.

Jesus' level of existence is the exact same as Batman's level of existence.

Everything we know about both is from written works. Neither have more legitimacy over the other.
#124 to #64 - anon (11/07/2011) [-]
There is no evidence of his existence, so no the argument is not if he was a human manifestation of god or not, it is if he existed or not.
#1055 to #33 - anon (11/07/2011) [-]
Actually, Jesus was a real man who lived arround that time with the disiples etc. That he could go on water, heal people and was gods son is ******** though.
#554 to #33 - ratiller (11/07/2011) [-]
completely secular people with phd's in history will tell you jesus of Nazareth was when you ask if he was gods child or whatever then it's up for speculation but the man himself was real enough...and batman woulda beat his ass
#885 to #33 - mango (11/07/2011) [-]
I'm not even reading people's responses.
Just wondering why I had 2 of my comments made directly after each other both have 150+ thumbs.

Picture possibly relevant.
#307 to #33 - nevolmon (11/07/2011) [-]
<---More real than Jesus.
User avatar #586 to #307 - irmcmuffin (11/07/2011) [-]
Ra-men my fellow Pastafarian, Ra-men
#748 to #51 - westborobaptist (11/07/2011) [-]

Leviticus 26:30 "And I will destroy your high places, and cut down your images, and cast your carcases upon the carcases of your idols, and my soul shall abhor you."
#822 to #748 - phritenite **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#1007 to #822 - baconthinks (11/07/2011) [-]
Don'tfeedthetroll.jpg (gif unrelated)
Don'tfeedthetroll.jpg (gif unrelated)
#1091 to #748 - lordankou (11/08/2011) [-]
I ain't mad, because I know my god is a reasonable guy, and he's cool with our choices. (lol I'm not religious)
#1026 to #748 - andimac (11/07/2011) [-]
And proud :D
#891 to #33 - UncleTwinkleToe (11/07/2011) [-]
Listen, there's many sources saying presuming Jesus probably isn't fictional. The Bible isn't a source, ofc. I don't believe in any good, but there probably has been a Jesus 2000 years ago.
User avatar #916 to #891 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (11/07/2011) [-]
"I don't believe in any good."

You're typo gave me a feel.
User avatar #452 to #33 - exoh (11/07/2011) [-]
dont get me wrong im not christian by any means but there isnt a fallibility that jesus isnt a real person or wasnt a real person, but he was probably just some chill dude with a beard who hated romans and wrote graffiti over all of their walls. once again if thats the case batman still wins
User avatar #19 - tehhamster (11/06/2011) [-]
Extreme Christians are annoying. ._.
#104 to #19 - shitherppens (11/07/2011) [-]
Anyone who is too extreme about anything is annoying
#641 - stewpid (11/07/2011) [-]
But Jesus's father works for Batman...
#20 - TehNinjaOkina (11/06/2011) [-]
Is it bad that I was rooting for Ronald the whole time even though I am a Christian? XD BATMAN FTW!
Is it bad that I was rooting for Ronald the whole time even though I am a Christian? XD BATMAN FTW!
User avatar #512 to #20 - lawlasaur (11/07/2011) [-]
I know, same for me. Julie is a ******* tard ass christian. Too bad most of them can't take a joke.
#50 to #20 - anon (11/06/2011) [-]
It's not, you are just thinking normally and you aren't brainwashed enough it seems.
#963 - sanepane (11/07/2011) [-]
"Actually Batman is FICTIONAL--"
"And you're neglecting the fact that bruce wayne is FICTIONAL!"
"Whereas Jesus was real, as opposed to a Marvel comic book hero, fed 5000 people with five loaves of bread, raised people from the dead, blah blah blah..."


No seriously, **** you Enrique.
#726 - AlexanderMoore **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#719 - zaruptwo **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #803 to #795 - iamloki (11/07/2011) [-]
i leveled up!
#833 to #803 - istealurkids (11/07/2011) [-]
looking for this?
looking for this?
User avatar #584 - arshaqv (11/07/2011) [-]
I'm a muslim, but I still think that Batman makes more sense than any religion I've ever heard of.
#152 - bonersoup (11/07/2011) [-]
tl;dr; but Batman would win
tl;dr; but Batman would win
#18 - nicolasouras (11/06/2011) [-]
One person having an imaginary friend; crazy.  
A group of people sharing an imaginary friend; religion.  
			****		 Logic!
One person having an imaginary friend; crazy.
A group of people sharing an imaginary friend; religion.

**** Logic!
User avatar #300 to #18 - sultans (11/07/2011) [-]
I like to look at it this way:
One person suffers from a delusion; Insanity.
A group of people suffer from a delusion; Religion.
User avatar #640 to #300 - ZenMacros (11/07/2011) [-]
That's actually the original quote by Robert Pirsig.
User avatar #1070 to #640 - sultans (11/07/2011) [-]
Yes indeed it is.
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