Jesus Vs. Batman!. Not mine, found on Failbook but I have not seen it on here yet so I hope you all enjoy. EDIT: Holy crap Frontpage, thanks guys!. Glenn My hep
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Jesus Vs. Batman!

Not mine, found on Failbook but I have not seen it on here yet so I hope you all enjoy.
EDIT: Holy crap Frontpage, thanks guys!

Glenn My hep beats yam here. Thanks desusu
E September 17 at we / r/ e 'v' ieb
Repaid I' m pretty" sire with , Bzi. tman
were beat thes' , put at Jesus.
September 17 at S: I it it people
September 17 at fr, - eh
Repaid . . Never said. it was. ' s forthe
aeti. r. k. of aikaan an it . Matter.
September 17 at. r pit Emma
Julie we wave?
September '
I Hahn says I' m trying rrs. . 7.
September It at r it I men
Julie 1' , Np but seriously, was respect please..
September fret Ere
em It respect yaw: respect mine,
And, my belief's that Batman candid beat Jesuses a match ate
quarters what.
September 17 at ' Jpm r sh Swede
Enrique -."'”'i" pi. ire stupid
September fret 6:
Julie my harm nun wheh
September 17 r , imam
Ronald tay' rsi'*
September r nth I person
Rossi. I' m_ pret: sure the trademark afire laser ina
September 1? at 6', I #12 pimple
Glenn Dang Mic] why we meet?
September 17 at finr' Jpm
Julie Hey hey, rip name calling okay? [i
September 17 at 6:
Ronald ' ?' I' m hating an anypne.
You sair) that Jesus 1. ridd " hear, new; and Batman
could tatally Wm Jesus. .
September 17 at r , 2 people
Steer: ,
September 17 at : 3' ippm
Enrique I' m pretty we the winner in a Heat isp.
stra: irag were the weld. But, 1.' everet. spla. thairs,
September 17 at 5: I pew
Julie Nash, far ' s a hat terse it I dmit
has % recut' rect efi: er ' tent? are
thetry. cauld receive Venetian it .
September 17 at -E: S. rtem
Ronald Acually, Entries has than tram the has
whip with the use rate , and the precess_ wes amt was
than three days.
September 17 at" r it . 1. e
Enrique Actyually seine: is HEW, mime ypi_ i' _ a, yhd.
September , r #21
Elem Well y. e. deeds' e: artier,
September 1? at 5: 3?
Julie Brant warty Jesus Christ forit fail yap. tale's twing yap
r: m. mse. sstop changes. Semen gait save yarn, sari ewe yep, not
wily hapenis Jesus Christ, B Us, sinners, need it
Sahel B
September 17 at 6: r , 2 people
REESE . Tame all the . supyoas rip
irreverent passer" befits awn. Ttfatf. . om his feather, He was a we man at
aild. brittle sense with a. : hwy. On the
awe" trend, Bruce Wayne Mashhad years training
aith . Plus,. the
incredible" . 'ammount" . ed. , he has atlas disposal.
September '
Enrique And ytou' the he that bruce
September 17 at
Ramrod much (tath in Ihe. estrus. tr. a. e id
Bria: e Wayne as yap do in the existence at Jesus Christ: I__ guiess we can
say we both have with par desprite .supe? hero. eti:;
September 17 at 6: we Epeople
En_. trique . -seeds up "scientific . of Bruce
Wayne" and fair Jesus, Jesus will with
September If at
Julie Happier that' s whee we gm . ziip, has Chest
whee: warty mane a.% maan he sis. He dame ta traingle with
sinners, with Hfs. treatin. whenthe .. ssdp. r: rame Arathi. ,
Hats a God ' why He' sstill lee its live this
day. He Edie power. be takeaway. , tarry day. Byte's
because we par given . retry pm crap's. and
Fallow '. . thrilling are
dpn' Savior, we were barn with sip., , He sacrificed
peddle we deft deserve it, Jule wee new
wrath J. . f mane we panne. r) and rebelled , He was
upps only Sen ta replacers spot and receive the price. He was and is .
Indeed . asit.
September 17 at
Julie Strret.. baess isn' t mew its explain my givith and lave he
my Save. I' m tap its red it Turf . attr, mark
Win my spot, Hews my LIE. c.
September 17 at & r
Hurrah] Tau thaw, Lire, I very mush regect yer level
of yam" harp. Realty, we' homework,
But; Bruce were sacrificed , he, and ,
weeds. He. we HERE' S way .' y single highs. he that the
maple . an reskin m. sraa: ***** the that that' they’ re protected
havethe feces phat. He had eveyr"_ ight ta live an proxier% sly and
Amii's. rie. . g,. butok mess the
greater gap' demure his awn life. I think a martyr as we
hero, Plus; heaad e hardass head. quarters' In a Eve unite his em.
September 17 at 6: r its it people
Julie Nth. fhe dime he dpes. the power ta save US them
airship; he doesntt have the parser its save us harp Ends wrath.
heme we will bav. afra. when ‘the day infrigment
chiness, the good.. erorrs can' t save yep, trting. tro bee .. mad" wean vat
neve he us, Thus, the tuf. eto. seti. sirrah Jesus the
only are qualified, Plus; 1'.. rirg. ht Batman gived are peiople. he saved
Jesus. Chr? .. dodrio thah. k twice in careering isomers. nity
rebelled , New that' s pve. croire, my triend.- Elli, and Gudhak
pregers [t Iha. t. ymo were peep 'ebonheart teethe
was . It
September 17 at r ,
Resold he'. r. renot discussing, fight betweem aid .s. rnd
deg the . csd remit tafe dose meets this light
b. btween. " Christ, the man, and Batman, the shiifter needs, I
Herd: the already displayed the mare eels between the' twp, lets
discuss the phyical and ' and cans.
Bruce Wayne has . t ta the driest, beds, an assault
ham darkseid which resulted in .hin. o beinng a nestle? PEPE? -tat
warping between differe. , met merry we
beatings and kira. till alive in net my tell the tale, butto meme
the gated (ight' s That' s morethan e lift ,
September It at NJ r rib it peaple
Ere when Jesus was real, as trixy( ta a Marvel '
herd, fed with this bread, raised peptide ham
the dead, weltered an . healed the lame, Hind, made fig
i' eiether steed pr. -did meme wrang, fair .
withers weer, got crucified tbr doing were , than rose hen
the deed , trit. trat, mako. ofthe way ta get
tist sf rais_ i: umt:, and were barkin heaven ., 1
September 17 at 7:
REE“ First at all, E_ at: igiari ; I_ C heirs. Betti: straight.
Inever claimed Jesus was a ' an, so new
And, that' s asll. f. . attend good, but I en ta see humany pt" these Itto. uld
help Jesus in a fist fight (h. rustling the twp tan rack, that' s
are at whit. Aut, why did it the him days targets heaven? With the
get ta. themather side at ihe. a Few hours,
September 17 at 7: r sh 1 Eran
Enrique Jesus is ALL POWERFUL, Nuff' said
September 17 at '-':JIJ‘ pm
Julie First stair‘, Jesus wpa. Hdn' t g_ _ ' itp a ‘Fist fightin Wethe
piece plus) hasse Drie (iaith tarn, we it, [I
He has scanner hutt_ e} -he' s we use' Hkr. grmmr% r has an all in all,
espiritual are Redhair as , Hetare and He already WHEN. It
that He diti' ressurrect and He/ iid.. en.
September It at h
Herald A . rre due lit! . . tiu. mphh
a as he he part. Sis. yap admit . e Wayne was
September P, r_ s'
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Submitted: 11/06/2011
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#33 - mango (11/06/2011) [+] (19 replies)
MFW They say batman is fictional and Jesus isn't.
#42 - Wingbuster (11/06/2011) [+] (1 reply)
Anyone else not give a **** about Enrique?
#18 - nicolasouras (11/06/2011) [+] (3 replies)
One person having an imaginary friend; crazy.  
A group of people sharing an imaginary friend; religion.  
						****					 Logic!
One person having an imaginary friend; crazy.
A group of people sharing an imaginary friend; religion.

**** Logic!
#12 - JSismyname (11/06/2011) [-]
I think the picture says it all...
User avatar #7 - strawberryhoney (11/06/2011) [+] (6 replies)
Did anybody else find Julie very annoying?
#20 - TehNinjaOkina (11/06/2011) [+] (2 replies)
Is it bad that I was rooting for Ronald the whole time even though I am a Christian? XD BATMAN FTW!
Is it bad that I was rooting for Ronald the whole time even though I am a Christian? XD BATMAN FTW!
#457 - oberon (11/07/2011) [+] (6 replies)
**oberon rolled a random image** could beat both jesus and batman
#475 to #457 - darkpassenger (11/07/2011) [-]
**darkpassenger rolled a random image** But Blastoise couldn't beat this guy
#641 - stewpid (11/07/2011) [+] (2 replies)
But Jesus's father works for Batman...
#59 - crookedgrin (11/06/2011) [+] (1 reply)

Batman has thousands of accounts of his life by a plethora of different sources who are still alive today (as Batman is).

Jesus has one anthology by a handful of sources who often tell the same story but with differences, thus discrediting it as a source.
#210 - sandexicutionist (11/07/2011) [-]
Jesus has parents, Jesus wins. Jesus also does my gardening and landscaping.
#152 - bonersoup (11/07/2011) [-]
tl;dr; but Batman would win
tl;dr; but Batman would win
User avatar #23 - zevran (11/06/2011) [+] (8 replies)
I like how these Christians become all defensive and preachy once their prophet is mentioned.
#729 - azsh (11/07/2011) [+] (11 replies)
Sounds like he's a real...
#75 - alberoalberto (11/07/2011) [+] (1 reply)
**alberoalberto rolled a random image** this will beat batman
#97 - roxasbaby (11/07/2011) [-]
Yo Julie imma let you finish, but batman could easily beat Jesus in hand to hand combat.
#156 - enclavesoldier (11/07/2011) [-]
my god wins
User avatar #19 - tehhamster (11/06/2011) [+] (1 reply)
Extreme Christians are annoying. ._.
#367 - bronytroll (11/07/2011) [-]
here. win for everyone
User avatar #66 - nang (11/07/2011) [+] (1 reply)
It was funny but I stopped reading because the Jesus worshippers were pissing me off and there was no way I could manage to smash their heads together and dispute that what they are saying is FULL OF CRAP
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