Life Hacks Part 7. PART 6: /funny_pictures/2834044/Life+Hacks+Part+6/ PART 5: /funny_pictures/2831327/Life+Hacks+Part+5/ PART 1: /funny_pictures/2826830/Lif e+H Life hacks FUNNYJUNK
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Life Hacks Part 7

Life Hacks Part 7. PART 6: /funny_pictures/2834044/Life+Hacks+Part+6/ PART 5: /funny_pictures/2831327/Life+Hacks+Part+5/ PART 1: /funny_pictures/2826830/Lif e+H

PART 6: /funny_pictures/2834044/Life+Hacks+Part+6/
PART 5: /funny_pictures/2831327/Life+Hacks+Part+5/
PART 1: /funny_pictures/2826830/Lif e+Hacks+Part+1/
PART 4 : /funnypictures/2829756/Lif e+Hacks+Part+4/
PART 2: /funny_pictures/2826967/Life+Hacks+Part+2/
PART 3: /funnypictures/2827049/Lif e+Hacks+Part+3/

This is a series of tips and tricks that I have found on the internet, and want to share with the FunnyJunk community.
These are not supposed to be funny, But informational, and assist you in everyday life.

Life Hacks , as We been told over
HIDE times now.)
Part 7 - Computers & Electronics
1 . When your headphones start
separating at the weakest part, where the wires
connect left to right, if you melt candle wax eater the
rupture point, allow to harden, then chip away
carefully any unnecessary crap. You will have a lovely
fossilized piece of loose wiring which is unable
to loosen any further, and you can pretend you have a
prehistoric mosquito trapped in amber hanging
from your neck.
2. Always keep an extra
power supply around, you.
never know when yours will
3. Go into a Wallmart. Find the lightbulbs. See that
Great Value bulb? See that GE bulb? Both of
those bulbs were made by GE. Probably in the same
plant. Lots of store brand stuff is like this. -
counter pharmacy stuff especially.
4. Don' t open up a and play with it.
The (flux) capacitor has a deadly charge
for a while, even after it is
5. When shopping for new computer hardware, if
the sales guy says "buy basically any brand but the
one in your hand," take his advice.
if the sales guy says "buy this brand, it' s the best,"
keep looking around. (Unless of course you know)
6. Laser printers cost more up front, but they' ll save
you a bundle twee their lifespans. Toner is many,
many, many times cheaper than ink.
I Sent in by Tehninjaokina
ifyou need a larger image of something online.
to search for it and more than likely it has hits with larger
versions of your image.
8. When you' re thinking about buying a component
upgrade, like a new CPU, give it the following
r someone came into my place when I wasn' t here and
swapped the new one out with the one I have
now, but everything looked the same,
how long would it take me to notice? r it' s longer than a
couple of days, it' s probably not worth it.
9. Similarly, ask yourserf the following question,
especially when deciding between a highland part
and a regular part:
This will give me a X% increase in whatever, Y% of the
time. is X% for Y% of the time worth the
cost? Actually, apply that to everything you buy, youjust
time you lose your phone charger, don' t buy
another one. Go to a hotel and say you think you
lost it there. ts the #1 most left behind item at hotels, so
most places have a big bin filled with every
phone charger imaginable.
Hope you
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User avatar #21 - AlfredNeuman (11/06/2011) [-]
I tried the phone charger one and they asked me what room I was in when i forgot it. I just walked out.
#84 to #22 - moffe (11/06/2011) [-]
Here, use this
Here, use this
#210 to #84 - xdecapitator **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #207 - benzfreak (11/06/2011) [-]
#63 - joshlol (11/06/2011) [-]
"Don't open up your tv and play with it" that's just common sense
"Don't open up your tv and play with it" that's just common sense
#155 - jackbo (11/06/2011) [-]
**jackbo rolls 99**
#77 - hawaiianhappysauce (11/06/2011) [-]
*response to #1: Am I doing it right?
#78 to #77 - dingobennyfred (11/06/2011) [-]
And when life-hacking goes a little farther.
User avatar #87 to #78 - MenstruelSandwich (11/06/2011) [-]
... So like, what if you tried to just run between his legs and go in circles... I mean if you can avoid the first bite and the subsequent foot stomps...
#89 to #87 - dingobennyfred (11/06/2011) [-]
Bitch, please!
#88 to #87 - dingobennyfred has deleted their comment [-]
#216 - hunterofanon **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#226 to #216 - hunterofanon **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#218 to #216 - John Cena (11/06/2011) [-]
**anonymous rolls 5** <--------------- 7
#220 to #218 - hunterofanon **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#228 to #220 - sockz (11/06/2011) [-]
What is this magic...
#224 to #220 - mrfaggotron has deleted their comment [-]
#246 to #216 - magi (11/06/2011) [-]
**magi rolls 2** <--------- 4
#247 to #246 - magi (11/06/2011) [-]
**magi rolls 6** equals this
User avatar #262 to #246 - brushz (11/06/2011) [-]
User avatar #108 - neongreenkitty (11/06/2011) [-]
Always tip the pizza delivery person generously. That way whenever you order pizza from them again, they will come to your house first since you tip good =]
User avatar #167 to #108 - belching (11/06/2011) [-]
Nice, this one should come up on the next comp.... if not, why not?
#201 - FunkyWelshMonkey (11/06/2011) [-]
use this website, it has a lot of tips and tricks
#126 - chokemon (11/06/2011) [-]
after this hit frontpage, hotels ran out of phone chargers.
#94 - Sunset has deleted their comment [-]
#130 - whynospacesallowed (11/06/2011) [-]
Another one: Whenever you buy electronics, write down every code on it and every detail and keep this in a safe place. If it gets stolen give these to the police. Pawn shops are required to give all serial numbers of electronics they bought to the police with the names of who sold it to them. If any of the numbers match up the the stuff you gave them your stuff will most likely be returned and the police will start looking for the guy who stole it.
#102 - skulblaka (11/06/2011) [-]
enlarge and enjoy.
#128 to #102 - puredeliciousness (11/06/2011) [-]
Aren't virus's already dead? That's why we can't use anti-biotics to fight them? I'm just checking that I have my facts straight, but I love you for posting this otherwise.
#175 to #128 - enricop (11/06/2011) [-]
uh..? what do you mean by saying "aren't viruses already dead?" and " we can't use anti-biotics to fight viruses" ?
User avatar #269 to #175 - wiljones (11/06/2011) [-]
viruses are classified as non living things so you can not use anti-biotics to kill them. technically you cant kill them at all. But i really dont know how they are fought i think viruses are broken down by your immune system
User avatar #277 to #269 - puredeliciousness (11/07/2011) [-]
yeah, your immune system just fights with the virus. we can't technically kill it, it's already dead.

damn viruses...
User avatar #133 to #102 - orrisic (11/06/2011) [-]
this is cool, where did u get it from?
User avatar #279 to #133 - skulblaka (11/09/2011) [-]
Lol weirdly enough, found it on /x/.
User avatar #280 to #279 - orrisic (11/09/2011) [-]
whats /x/?
User avatar #110 to #102 - retardedboss ONLINE (11/06/2011) [-]
#189 - permanentlyscrewed (11/06/2011) [-]
**permanentlyscrewed rolled a random image**
#145 - tannerman **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#112 - chawlsBITCH (11/06/2011) [-]
enlarge, enjoy, fap, repeat.
#15 - KisukeUrahara (11/05/2011) [-]
&gt;mfw math
>mfw math
#47 - FightClub (11/06/2011) [-]
This image has expired
this comp is practically dedicated to technological and financial advice

you're beginning to run out of interesting and useful information. try finding social advice instead, it's more interesting.
User avatar #49 to #47 - nunwithagun (11/06/2011) [-]
You want another social one? I'll see what I can do. I wasn't going to make any more after this though.
#50 to #49 - FightClub (11/06/2011) [-]
This image has expired
doesn't matter to me, but if you were going to make another, my opinion would be to include more social information. you don't have to make one for me

but if you really want to, you sure can!
User avatar #52 to #50 - nunwithagun (11/06/2011) [-]
A few people have requested one about relationships etc.. so that might be in the books.
#53 to #52 - FightClub (11/06/2011) [-]
This image has expired
if you wish to make another, go ahead

people obviously like them
User avatar #2 - sporeguy (11/05/2011) [-]
I'll see y'all on front page
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