Response to 'Kevin McUgly'. A funny rhyming war that occured in the comments section of 'Kevin McUgly' by jinglejangles( seventeen funny comments kevin mcugly jinglejangles rhyme the game again haha

Response to 'Kevin McUgly'

A funny rhyming war that occured in the comments section of 'Kevin McUgly' by jinglejangles( ) which I found to be quite entertaining! ( :

r’ story has sure made me smile.
Nothing so plesant have I read in a while.
My head was filled with a range of emotions.
And then Kevin died and I fapped and came oceans.
1. .; what would give you such a notion?
did you drink a potion?
your i deas are quite mum.
and so is your mum
d Such a notion would come from too many beers.
And now I do fear I' attracted you queers-
Your uneven rhyme scheme has lost you the fight..
And now. my good sir. I must bid you goodnight.
ridd MT? -thelegionking :2 :2":
Citi' now i mustnt start a fight
but sir it isnt goodnight
where i am its 3 o clock
and **** you. suck my cock
Ithink we can saywhat I surely have won-
It' s clearer's your efforts that you are quite dumb.
Ifeel that it' s safe to call you a prick,
You cannot reply as your mouths on my dick.
d, r': , idont ******* rhyme well.. for christs sake.
ifyou compare me to you. well i look like a fake
so i bid the champion, in this rhyming ring
but as you may see. still the ******* king.
s' Now perfect stranger. I have tried to leave twice.
Iwon' t hang around. I wont attempt thrice.
You tryto act hard. but forewords are infact tame.
Now leave. go away. foryou just lost the game!
1 ES - anonymous
Seventeen seems to have beaten the yank
He bent him over- his arse he did smack
Legions kings skills make him no Doctor seuss
But Seventeens poetry makes me fire .
Csi' k bye have a good day
i appreciate the entertainment
131} - anonymous
133 - anonymous
Wow!" I exclaimed. truly amazed
Bythe wonderful argument this poetry has raised
You guy' s are epic. I really must say
I could listen to you two almost all day!
But alas. I cannot for I have a life
So I bid you farewell. good day and good night!
135 - anonymous
I knowwhere was a reason why I loved funnyjunkers
You guys make the most epic comments
Seventeen ''.
111 - anonymous
You sir deserve a free internet
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Submitted: 03/20/2010
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User avatar #3 - Noah (05/02/2010) [+] (3 replies)
Why does this have 3 thumbs?
#1 - bioblitherator (03/21/2010) [+] (1 reply)
awesome :)
#7 - anonymous (05/03/2010) [-]
as soon as i saw this my brain automatically said; C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!!
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