Life Hacks Part 2. PART 5 IS HERE: /funny_pictures/2831327/Life+Hacks+Part+5/ PART 1: /funny_pictures/2826830/Life+Hacks+Part+1/ PART 3: /funny_pictures/2827049 Life hacks FUNNYJUNK
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Life Hacks Part 2

Life Hacks Part 2. PART 5 IS HERE: /funny_pictures/2831327/Life+Hacks+Part+5/ PART 1: /funny_pictures/2826830/Life+Hacks+Part+1/ PART 3: /funny_pictures/2827049

PART 5 IS HERE: /funny_pictures/2831327/Life+Hacks+Part+5/

PART 1: /funny_pictures/2826830/Life+Hacks+Part+1/
PART 3: /funny_pictures/2827049/Life+Hacks+Part+3/
PART 4: /funny_pictures/2829756/Life+Hacks+Part+4/

This is a series of tips and tricks that I have found on the internet, and want to share with the FunnyJunk community.
These are not supposed to be funny, But informational, and assist you in everyday life.

Life Hacks
Part 2 - Alcohol
1. r you have a girlfriend and would
like to keep her, before you go
drinking with the guys shut your
cell phone off and give it to the
designated driver. Not so much so
she won' t call you, but so you won' t
2. Sleep on your stomach
if you' re been drinking.
Choking on vomit is more
than you might
3. Don dever ask a bartender to "hook you up".
ft will make the bartender charge you more for
calls and add mystery charges to your
4. Red Label Smirnoff Triple Distilled
is 80 Proof, while Blue Label Smirnoff
Triple distilled is 100
Proof. Generally the blue label has a
stronger taste to it
5. r you' re been drinking or are planning on it and
you know you' re going to puke or you think you
might, avoid all spicy food (from peppers to buffalo
wings). They make puking much worse than it
normally would be.
6. When you' re given a cocktail napkin
or coaster with an excessively wet drink
sprinkle salt on it ft will cease to lift up
with your drink.
7. Before you go to bed when you' re drunk, chug a big
glass of water and eat a banana. r you don' t
like bananas then take a pill with potassium, and eat a
package of soda crackers. The big glass of
water is going to wake you up in about 3 hours to go take a
pee. When you pee, chug another glass of
water. You should wake up after about hours with no
hangover, works incredibly well.
Hope you
Th immage
for more
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