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User avatar #1006 - hankhillragesaiyn (10/29/2011) [-]
The luna games weren't scary at all.
#1011 to #1006 - chicomole (10/29/2011) [-]
i know right?
User avatar #1754 to #1011 - hankhillragesaiyn (10/30/2011) [-]
were u scared lol?
#1755 to #1754 - chicomole (10/30/2011) [-]
no, nothing was scary at all about the luna games
User avatar #1798 to #1755 - hankhillragesaiyn (10/30/2011) [-]
no seriously? Were u scared? How the fuck is it scary? Its just controlling a fucking pony and then some pony picture pops up that looks like it was modified in ms paint and has some noise similar to a black guy raping the fuck out of someone. Of and then the pony will burst or the screen will freeze and then it will get out of the game. WOW so fucking scary...Nothing will scare me, Suggest anything, ive seen it all. And im a fucking white person who listens to rap,im not some emo or gothic queer.

BTW, I played those stupid luna games at night in the dark in my room with no noise(Besides the luna game) and my door closed. I found it pretty stupid..
#1838 to #1798 - chicomole (10/30/2011) [-]
all that gave me was a virus & a waste of time. i was more scared of killer klowns from outerspace that those games.
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