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#406178 - AreyouSerious
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(11/16/2011) [-]
sweet celestia! anything can go to Congress as long as you say "create jobs." i'm gunna purpose a bill to congress, The Stab Somebody in the Face Bill of 2011. if my bill is passed, every citizen is alowed to stab one person in the face once a month. Sure murder and knife related injuries will go up, but it'll create new jobs! It'll hire more doctors, more hospital and even more knife salesmen. So let's pass this bill!
#407330 to #406178 - FuckingMagnets
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(11/16/2011) [-]
We approve....... as long as we don't have to tax our maste... i mean the rich, we are fine with it.
#406225 to #406178 - upsidedwnface **User deleted account**
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