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#5719889 - Jameshaich
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(06/07/2012) [-]
Rerro Fraggots,

Mry name is Scrooby, rand I hrate every sringle one of you. Arll of roo are frat, retarded, ro-rives roo sprend revery second rof their day rooking rat stupid rass prictures. Roo rar reverything brad rin the rorld. Ronestly, rave rany of roo rever grotten any prussy? Ri mean, Ri guess rit's frun making frun rof preople brecause of rour rown rinsecurities, brut roo rall trake tro ra whrole rew revel. Rhis ris reven wrorse rhan rerking roff tro pictures ron fracebook.

Ron't be ra stranger. Rust rhit re rith rour brest shrot. Ri'm pretty mruch perfect. Ri was rhe read of mry rown shrow, and frucked rover ghrosts. Rhat sprorts dro roo pray, rother rhan "jrack roff tro raked rawn jrapanese preople"? Ri ralso gret scooby shnacks, rand hrave ra branging hrot grirlfriend (Shre just threw me shome schrooby shnacks; Shrit ras RHO rhash). Roo rare rall raggots whro shrould jrust rhill roorshelves. Rhanks fror ristening.

Ric Rhelated: Rit's rhe rand mry ritch