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#5401841 - fjasidfhdsauifhsda
(05/30/2012) [-]
Now everyones writing poetry.. I remember LordPSA and his poems. Or this one written by a dear friend of mine

If you had only 12 hours to live.. By Ricardo B.
Would you pour your heart out to the one you love?
Would you talk to that one person you believe is above?
Would you say your sorry to all those that you brought pain?
Would you help those who could barely walk and need a cane?
Would you hold on to what you cherish and never let go?
Would you die happy with your life if you really didn't know?
Would you regret your actions that you have have done?
Would you want to end it sooner with a razor or gun?

We all make mistakes in life and we all feel feel lonely or sad.
But we just got to remember all the good things that we once had.
It's the memories of our life that make us stronger or weaker, to carry on in the end.
We all think we have time but when we know its running out it's the hurt we must mend.