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#5285632 - charlesdickens
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A crisp, clear winter's night with a fresh blanket of snowfall, a city sleeps with few lights in the houses. The moon just hours away from it's fall, and a gentle breeze blows through. The castle within the city is sleepily moving, with few servants passing through the corridors, clean and prestine. In the observatory, two women enjoy each other's company. One, a young navy blue headed magician named Twilight Sparkle, the other, a starry-haired immortal of the night, Princess Luna. Twilight gave a short yawn as she looked at the nearby clock.

"It's getting late, I better get some rest, good night Luna." She said as she got up and left the observatory.

"Good night Twilight." replied the other.

Luna sat in silence as she watched the moon slowly make it's way across the sky. She shuffled a bit to make herself comfortable, but something stopped her movement. It was Twilight's book, she must have forgot, thought Luna. She grabbed the book, and began her walk towards the room Twilight was staying in, which wasn't far from the observatory. She walked into the dimly lit room, the bathroom light shone from a crack in the door, Luna knew not to look

Twilight was sitting on the edge of the bath tub, checking the water's temperature when she stood up and disrobed. She was a petite build, C cup breasts and pale skin. Luna admired the young woman's body, clenching the book in her hands as Twilight carefully stepped into the tub. She sighed as she made herself comfortable, and dipped lower into the water. Luna watched her for what to her seemed like an eternity as she lathered herself with soap and moist towelettes.

Too lazy to finish.
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