Epic 4chan. Found this in my random folder and thought it needed shared.. Cl anonymous . so Nty. Pic unrelated] CO.' So, you' re in love with one of your friend Epic 4chan Found this in my random folder and thought it needed shared Cl anonymous so Nty Pic unrelated] CO ' So you' re love with one of your friend
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Epic 4chan

Epic 4chan. Found this in my random folder and thought it needed shared.. Cl anonymous . so Nty. Pic unrelated] CO.' So, you' re in love with one of your friend

Found this in my random folder and thought it needed shared.

Cl anonymous . so Nty.
Pic unrelated]
CO.' So, you' re in love with one of your friends, but she has a boyfriend and probably wouldn' t have set: with you
I anyway.
What you will need: t I knife. 1 x ling. access to a sunbed. the ability to grow a beard.
Stop Cine: Place the ring on your wedding linger and avoid contact with your friend for a month.
Step Two: Step sharing and use the sunbed to gain a tan.
Will countinue_ Just
Step Three: Atire a month when your board is full and your tan is noticeable, the ring from your linger.
Step Four: Renters ‘all your clothes and break into your friend' s house.
Step Foarte: Use the knits to out your body in. minus places. J! Amid the lace- , focus on your back. The more blood the better.
Step Six: Enter your friend' s bedroom and he face down on the freer. Wait for her meum.
Cl Anonymous : . Ntt.
Step Seton: when we enters the room pretend to be unconscious. Aloe her to turn you error and try to who you for , few seconds before weapon
your eyes- The injuries to your body will more as a distraction to your nakedness. She will be more concerned about your withing instead of tearing
the naked man in her room:
Step Eight: When she asks you what' s happened you should ignore her questions. Instead you must out confused and ask the date. Wife September
wtith she will say September wtith' to which you meet reply ‘No. what year is it?'
Stop Mine: WISH healing the year say. the words worked.’ Pretend to lose consciousness again for a few seconds, implying that mam it is that has
worked took sweet soon.
Step Ten: timer blend is a curious person she will probably ask worked? ecion item doesn' t ask this question it is important that you new say
the. words ‘(Insert Friend' s .Na. ma). l' m from the future in your most deadpan voice.
Stop Ekam; Pause fasten seconds to ', ofthe situation to sink in. There will be no reason for her to doubt your claim. because
your heard will make you appear may and your cuts would add weight to the idea that you' re come from a postapocalyptic litters where a
war is currently taking place..
Stop Walsh' s: new your left hand to your lacs. Al women are very observant. so your (h' end will Immediately notice the tanline on Tour wedding (idrgaf, if
shots educated to a decent" standard she will realise that you are married and your ring has simply disappeared, because clothing and other items
cannot travel through time. ‘four nudity will support this
Step Thirteen: New comes the hard pan . The monologue- In your own words you must give a speech in which you mention all ofthose key points:
at You are married to each other in the future
b) Her current boyfriend is one
ct The worlders coming to an end. " up to you to pick a reason. but l would recommend a war against machines. This whole situation will be backed up
by the Terminator
it lathe future your relationship is not going well
in ‘Moira some back in time because you cant help but test that she would hath been happier with her current boyfriend if he hadnt been killed
current l: boyfriend' is going to be hit by a bus on a day six months from her present. stop him going to wort: that day
g) Hebe does atrocity what you say this current aerator: of be erased and you will note: get named. hobo ! scions. this new in your this
truest logic. because you cannot change the past. simply reference Back to the Future
Step . Unless your Friend is made of stone SHE will new be overcome by emotion. especially at your earnestness. do to your out and go to
kiss her goodbye. . is important that you do this with the , of a man who has done this to tier many times.
Step Fifteen: There is new no possible may that you arent about to have on with her. Ttritt naked, kissing her. in her bedroom, agreeing to erase a
torsion of yours' eti' from history to make her happy. Arid as tar as she knows Futile had sat: many times in a future that will no longer happen, so she
thinks to maybe she should have one ofit.
Step Simeon: After haying the mina.. ask to borrow some clothes then lease.
Cl Anonymous ) Na, 138?
Step Seventeen; Show " your board and cost your wedding finger in tetra too. can so so if nothing has happened. Them will be three possible
I) theing the sent some feeling that. she didnt know striated are awakened and she will leave her bolli" rond for you.
It Life will carry on as_ nermal.
it You will be filled with guilt because ofthis moral grey area where you aren' t entirely sure ifthat you' re as some kind loyal rape.
you will take your more the by hanging, overdose or wrist cutting.
Preys are .
This anon is a out
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