it had to be done. yes it is a repost. but it is amazing . 3 he (am rdy inch by Loni rm PM gar} F; 33 pea we {in i had completed blue version and i got red at c hurrah
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it had to be done

yes it is a repost. but it is amazing

Tags: hurrah
3 he (am
rdy inch by Loni
rm PM gar} F; 33
pea we {in
i had completed blue version and i got red
at chris as so my team wasntme good...
but i fought
like a true
master an
he was down to
his last pokemon
that was an awesome ha...
after school, my grandma told me mom
had been brought to the hospital so she
brought me to her
docor) UP ‘wow? in HM
we mix mam
ii Mei» J way mini. raid My
Charmander WI 100
sum it' s super
he was down with a M 34
Pidgey, i defeated him with
my farfetch' d r
it was the
i couldn' t stay with her
all the time, my
Clemons kept me
company in the
waiting room...
hey kiddo, look
what i have
here for you
sometime i wish i could
have you seen
your mommy
with another
man while
i wasn' t here?
kissing a man
while we were
at the stare...
m haven' t come back
since a week now...
i' m getting out of this sorry guys, you
cant come...
it' s time for me to
grow up i gotta do
this alone...
but thanks
for everything...
would you limo
start a new adventure?
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#5 - dscrim (10/23/2011) [-]
**dscrim rolled a random image** this made me has a feel. i hope this pic isnt inappropriate but im gonna risk it.
#4 - drewdy (10/23/2011) [+] (1 reply)
This literally made me cry
#15 - holocaustmademelol (10/23/2011) [-]
**holocaustmademelol rolled a random image** <that much feel
#40 - maysonlee **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #16 - sorrowofdaedalus (10/24/2011) [-]
Okay, that whole thing was just a big ******* *********** that I didn't understand...Yet I'm getting a feel....
#23 - cylys (10/24/2011) [-]
Legit tears. SO MANY FEELS!!!

Legit tears. SO MANY FEELS!!!
User avatar #47 - robopuppy (10/24/2011) [-]
That wasn't funny but, IT GAVE ME A ************* FEEL MAN. HOW THE **** DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?!
#44 - virgilll (10/24/2011) [-]
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#41 - greatalexander **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#31 - iviagicbanana (10/24/2011) [-]
My dad left us when I was 4 and I did the same exact thing. I was just old enough to remember and feel the effects of it. Ma worked both day and night shifts... Taking 3 hour trips on friday nights till I ws about 10 to grandma's house so ma could work overtime... Then 3 hours again back to my ma's house. Pokemon helped pass the time. I loved it and still do. So many feels
User avatar #28 - xxfalconxx (10/24/2011) [-]
I have seen this 5 times and it still made me shed a tear
#26 - funkybassman (10/24/2011) [-]
pokemon doing what they do best. helping kids escape their ****** lives. so. many. feels.
User avatar #18 - TurkeyCupcake (10/24/2011) [-]
that was a fustercluck of feels...
#17 - sweetishfish (10/24/2011) [-]
Still makes me sad
Still makes me sad
User avatar #3 - swittig (10/23/2011) [-]
I almost always thumb down reposts but this is one of my favorite posts ever
User avatar #48 - iwillalwaysfail (10/25/2011) [-]
HOLY **** BALLS! 200 thumbS?
#6 - drumle (10/23/2011) [-]
manly tears manly tears
manly tears manly tears
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