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#386 - calibratuner
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(10/22/2011) [-]
People say my comment may make me a bastard.

Hitlers reign did give us a **** load of medical knowledge on how to treat people and such, so as bad as he was, who is to say more people will be saved by his atrocities?

The past is the past, i have no wish to change what happened nor say anything. If hitler wouldnt have done it, someone would have. Maybe then it would have been worse. At least now we may learn from our past.
User avatar #404 to #386 - BwainPhreeze
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(10/22/2011) [-]
Yes, Although the Holocaust was REALLY bad and evil, whats done is done, and can only make us stronger.
#403 to #386 - dustdevil **User deleted account**
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User avatar #393 to #386 - mrwashington
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(10/22/2011) [-]
True. In fact, in most ways, NASA is just a continuation of the German rocket program. The Germans were vastly superior in their knowledge of rockets. The V-2 was the crown jewel. After WWII, German scientists were relocated to the U.S. (promised with freedom) to help with American rockets. Former Nazis also were a great help to the Apollo 11 launch. So yes, Hitler's reign did do wonders to the scientific and medical world.