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#37 - Afrew (10/19/2011) [-]
Chivalry is dying slowly and painfully.
#41 to #37 - sathrax (10/19/2011) [-]
Any bitch who tries to answer for me gets dumped at the gates, that's for sure.
User avatar #38 to #37 - ssurtrebor **User deleted account** (10/19/2011) [-]
The vows do state "Till death do us part," so what was he doing wrong, exactly?
#43 to #38 - sathrax (10/19/2011) [-]
LOL yeah he's right, you should just dump her before you both die so she can die miserably.
#40 to #38 - Afrew (10/19/2011) [-]
So playing someone along for their entire life until they're dead isn't wrong to you?
User avatar #65 to #40 - ssurtrebor **User deleted account** (10/19/2011) [-]
Who says he was playing her? Maybe he did love and cherish her in life, but what kind of man goes back on his word that he made to his wife when they were married?

If anything, he's chivalrous for keeping his vows and not breaking them.
#64 to #40 - vanhalenshredder (10/19/2011) [-]
Get the sand out of your vagina and get that it's a joke man. For all of us.
#44 to #40 - Ken M (10/19/2011) [-]
Chivalry isn't dead what so ever. Thing is i only am nice to bitches that prove they are worth it lol. Oh and well any chick i could nail, but wouldn't date. So yeah. There's that.
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