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#151 - klondikemonster
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(10/17/2011) [-]
Any tips for a first time armor crafter? I beginning to construct my own set of armor from an original character using the card stock approach that many people use. I am still sketching out dimensions that I would have to make to fit my bodily proportions appropriately

The blue character would be the target armor.
User avatar #166 to #151 - sirclydeth [OP]
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(10/17/2011) [-]
Dream big and put all your effort into it. I suggest creating the armour on card and then using a light bog over it and then sanding it all down for the final paint. I haven't tried armour yet but I'm guessing the same mechanics from making a helmet will apply.

For the helmet, I suggest using a license plate protector for the visor and then building the details up in layers of bog and even using MDF for the more technical sharp parts. Hope I helped :)