Worth The Read. . Hrrm Jana Gilles mite: Wednesday 8 Diet 12. Tot David Theme meet Scamed Deer David, Ger rem we amass is wraps by the amount at 8233. 95 if law spider funny Long read
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Worth The Read

Hrrm Jana Gilles
mite: Wednesday 8 Diet 12.
Tot David Theme
meet Scamed
Deer David,
Ger rem we amass is wraps by the amount at 8233. 95 if
law have already was this payment' please suntan: as 7 days to
payment has been year EDGE and is no longer mi.
Yours sincerely, Jane Glee
Foorty, Theorie
Bile: imam Oct " 12.
To: Jane Gilles
Sunless We Gamma asscunt
Dear Jane,
his net have any many so am sending drawing I and at a spider instead.
I value the at . 96 what theme sashes the matter.
Regards. Dayle.
Hem: he Gilles
this: Thursday El Oct 2008 1 D. Di' urr
The Dawn Therm
Overdue seems‘!
that Dana,
Thankyou tror. por% us. Unfortunately we are maple tn aceept as
payment and yen’ accrued remains in arrears GT . 35. Please was as
main the we , days to has been applied in year seeders and
is he arngeir- outstaying.
Yours sincerely, Jens Gilles
Ham: we Theme
thate: Thusday El mm '.
To: Jane was
Gamma HEW
Dear Jams,
Can I have my drawing at at spider hast: then please
Regards, Daria.
From: has Gilles
Thursday El Get was 11 Adam
Tor David Theme
Beartime meow
Dear David,
Nu emailed the t# me. De yeti want the ta email , hast: ta you?
rears sincerely, the Gilles
From: David Theme
here: Thursday it that was 11 asst
Tet." Jane Gilles
Re: Re: Re. Overdue it
Dear Jane,
Yes please.
Regards. Dayle.
From: Jane Gilles
Ilia: Tii. / Mpm
has Theme
Re: Re: Re. Re: account
Attached -rapids: we
Ham: have Theme
Irater. Friday " Get 2008 ttll.
Tor. Jane Gilles
simian: who' s spider is that?
Dear Jane,
are you has this drawing at a spider is the we I sent yard? this spider may has
seven legs and 1 as not feel I Wm have triads stash an elementary was when
I shew it.
regards. Dayle.
From: Jane Gilles
Date: Friday 10 Oct EDDIE '. Dwain
he Days: ‘theme
Re: 1. -"she' s spider is that?
Idear David,
Yes same and paste. d it man the email you sent the an
the tth, David yeti memes is still overdue try the arrears . Please
theirs this as seen " passage.
fears sincerely, has Giles
From: David Harm
I) gite'. Friday IO that ,
Te: Jane Gees
Suit} -em kneaded out of Office
contacting the I am away an . ave,
and will be returning last week.
Regards, David.
Ham: Daria Thane
Date: Friday It) . 1 l Elam
Tot Jane Gilles . .
Entries: he Re: it is that?
Halts, I are heel: and hays mad through emails and accept that despite
missing a leg, that thawing a spider may indeed heme met sent you. I realise
with him that I is peasants we retested the torturing at a spider this temhys
amides his in did net paint it an in an ghee to shield tasting my
twinge. As such, i am sending yen a revised drawing correct Walther
tags as " payment tar any smash! . I trust this will breathe matter ta
Regards. David.
From: an Gilles
thatm/ are/ Chet
Mmita Theme
Re: Re: Re. Nah spider is that?
As I have stated, we do mil: accept draw in lei at medley fer accounts
mam. We swept cheque, their shame. money order at sash Please make
B this weak: to at. -dd any foes.
sincerely, has Ghee
Flam: David Thorns
Batte. .
To: Jane Gilles
Estates: " he " he ‘Mia' s spider is mat?
I understand and will definately make a week it ' remember. As you
have not accepted my sement drawing " payment please return the drawings:
are as was " . I was sly at his he assa: ' re I Guild preside you andit:
somethingg no value whatsoever, waste your time aei: tthen Stash
such a my meant ta it
Regards, David.
Hem: has Gilles
Irate, Tuesday " est 200811, Maam
Tet Dam Theme
Re: Re: Re? Re: Rty: 1/ hihats spider is that?
Attached .
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