If Historical Events Had FB. Part 2. edit 2: TOP 80? OMGWTFBBQLKJSDL:VKJSDB THANKS edit: HOLY DICKS TOP 100! Thanks, everybody! Part 1: funnyjunk.com/funny_pict if historical ev

If Historical Events Had FB. Part 2

edit: HOLY DICKS TOP 100! Thanks, everybody!
Part 1: funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/2721050/If+Historical+Events+Had+Facebook/

E News Feed . Most Recent 3
What' s on your minda
Exxon Valdez "In' up sound Wee up a couple games
TIC: of beer ponge
Exxon Valdez i have we imam max the lust ran no us
einn ground on we
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Emma mi. and new mun‘: Mack new «moo.
so minute: on _ we
Manny Van mum: Midi
Lev" a hours one -we
Exxon Valdez Everyone is ‘ out its none on deal guys i Mink Oilcans
ire actually better in new
so ROFLMAO! weed name In new
t hours one _ we
moses parth we Red see we a gangster
was aw _ we
sh Human has ths
l hour on _ M
moses clash the Red see we a gangster! bi
Enron's soldier on skin] do on
as minute: one _ we
soldier Ru: rue nag we not
so minute: one _ we
Enron's soldier on on
27 minute: on _ we
Elfman soldier were ll
25 minutes on _ we
monies new
25 minutes on _ we
I w Gm" _ amarath_ colleen.-
22 minute: on _ we
General ouster chased 001597“ indians All is quiet at wile so Ham gonna
go shoots rabbit or sunsetting
sneer cum an irs my quart have
we minute: on _ we
sneer cum Lib. be liner.
T minute: on _ we
ML Vesuvius my Sunday, gonna do some
n sums
minute: any we
we Vesuvius on lawn. my one
we minutes 590- we
the Pope Peeing we stoning one no one the Holy Land Anyone own to take
the Holy new Anyone’) some wishes gem Honestly rm lust sored
sh The Point has ths
we Pope has pointy Hats
the Pope stoning one no one the Holy Land, Manse apparently no one wens
to woo the disc
sh The Point has ths
1 noun unicone when moo Thers on
12 hours one _ we
we Porn: wen we ml. luau inane.
ll hours one _ we
Emu uni. -one You maize he new him i! e oxen mutant: one
ode. -at You dent will " my
9 hours one -we
we Porn: lame. on irs o How omen
9 hours one _ we
Emu uni. -one Dual
5 hours one _ we
we Pope mm mull no
5 hours one _ we
Emu uni. -one revenue. melee. rt theyll see you on he
amend and motions nausea
s hours one _ we
the Pope Em This weekend we me, your army, the Holy Lend ml he Mime
one new an
o hours one _ we
e Emmi we Emma my but i. s new use
ode. -at
so minute: on _ we
we Porn: WHAT PART or new newt mu
as minute: on -we
1- we Pope and
Richard the
Minn is amending The crusades
E ma /can on on to this event
Richard the Lionheart changed the name eithe Crusades no Pointless
Re " Calm
the Pope changed we name of Pointless Religious conllort to the
we Porn: Raul 'Wbm ", new
25 minutes on _ we
Richard the
desert Shocker
laminar! new Jerusalem News new its a very hot mew of
25 minutes on _ we
we Porn: am. you learn new -enemies gulf!
we minute: nqo- we
Hernan cones nos ended in we New Wand 3 up then on no conquer
25 minute: on -we
Hanan Come: You wine. on guinea
minute: on _ we
we Aliza
we minute: on _ we
Hanan Come: Vain hula: uni
we minute: on _ we
Lyndon Johnson signed we c I Rights Act
sh Martin letting Kim. In has ths
anemone When ere we ' ti) slv' who
25 minutes on _ we
Mississippi no locum
we minute: on we
anion... may
bua we minute: on _ we
Chernobyl Power Plant Just snarled a lamina lest on the (,
Tiian Army moon in yams Mally Mamie Gree whoa
what the did someone Laplace s
3: 99 was an tennent _ we
nqo' Like
Helen Keller ,
t 119 one on _ tennent _ we
we swine. ll one o one Hy. Halal
12 minute: on we
Gama Church crazier} me eventide mu
E 5 9 /can on new to this event
sh The Spanish Mommy and The Pope we ths
catlin is Church posed we song we Didn' t Start the Fire!
t catlin Church ended Burning and wooden stakes no its interests
mien ck we were one we
25 minutes on _ we
Marie Antoinette in 'eurosport, "let men no make“ comment was
halal new _
25 minutes on _ we
Plymouth Pilgrim e Native Americans one we waned is Int/ We you over
in B one feast in or you hoping us that manly owe winter
You around we weekend?
B new Amoral:. Ini um use mm mm
as minute: new _ we
Plymouth Psionic Winn run
owing Mm: , at on urrh: to we
Emmy new
so minute: on _ we
admin. Won Urn, but NM Knuth: patriot
med. " mum Maul my
25 minute: new _ we
Plymouth Hamm, I lib rapide. new in nine.
27 minute: on _ we
Japan nos nested we event Party Pearl Harbor. but with
years on _ we to this event
E United seem»; mm
taunt: Vault
minute: on _ we
lined _ aka
we minute: on _ we
Japan nos mode we event Party _ Pearl Harbor. but with
5 minutes on _ _ we
Hider Pests v
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User avatar #1 - InsanelyMatt (10/11/2011) [+] (2 replies)
Link to pt.1 please
User avatar #2 to #1 - fuckinfuckinfuck ONLINE (10/11/2011) [-]
added to the description. :]
User avatar #9 - francopuppy (10/12/2011) [+] (1 reply)
I could have sworn it was the Trojans who gave the Horse to the Greeks. Oh well
User avatar #10 to #9 - theblacksheep (10/12/2011) [-]
nah. it was called the "trojan horse", but the greeks gave it to the city of troy.
#8 - XxJACKISHERExX (10/12/2011) [-]
**XxJACKISHERExX rolled a random image**
User avatar #7 - Kiecool (10/12/2011) [-]
United States just created the group NUKE THE **** OUT OF THE JAPS

Japan We're sorry about pearl har BOOM
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