Scary stories for halloween 2. . Stories for halloween " The Dog' s Lick The Forbidden Paragraph malt : CE stop teams this and go In so any and poisnous Please  Scary stories for halloween 2 Stories " The Dog' s Lick Forbidden Paragraph malt : CE stop teams this and go In so any poisnous Please
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Scary stories for halloween 2

Stories for halloween "
The Dog' s Lick
The Forbidden Paragraph
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its okay" I thought to myself, "its all in my head".
I looked at the alarm clock on my night stand.
fuck, I should try to get some sleep.
I seen It again, a shadow in the corner of my room
it drew closer and closer, arms reaching towards
I wanted to scream, I did, but I couldnt. my mouth
wouldnt open.
the shadow was right next to my bed, it bent down
towards me.
Its face was an Inch away looking at mine.
I cried in fear, Its ghastly face was horribly
disfigured under a black veil of shadow.
its mouth opened, razor sharp teeth filled it in
I opened my eyes, staring blankly at the ceiling,
beads of sweat covered my face.
something moved in the corner of my room.
I looked at my alarm clock.
he been lying down (or hours no its _
what the worst part about my situation is nu in the same loom with my patents.
keep looking at me nah cant = but to look back and try not to cry or scream. Their
es are locum on me and their months are wide open. There: the strongest scent or
blood midi reel with rear.
Here: the : t " second i make any hint that nu not asleep anyome completely
screwed. i will and the s nobody around to save me. we been trying to think or a way
hoping the neighbors heat. tts risk but " SI:
In wake up and we his misternepo mile probably wondering whats going on. i do
Get ahead sometimes.
Abone L hours ago i heard scream went to go check it out but instead went to the
bathroom. i [maid outside the bathroom and saw blood on the carpet. i got worms.
i ran to my Doll! and hid budet the sheen: and lionel it was a Vivid dream. I
human. an ten you that was hartless had no eyes and no clothing. it walama like a
cavemen sloucher as it gal my patents. But this thing was mamm than
caveman and it knew what u was doing. It propped dad up on the 'rpl: TI or
made him race me. it then sat my mother down on t ch ' lid made her race me toot:
then rumba on the wall a blood stained pentagram ' This thing made use want to see
s masterpeice. To ' it on scribbler a message onto the wan that i could not read
ii the darkness. II then positional m at waiting to strike. The scariest
gnaw is _ _'es Trail, to the darkness an can read the message... it sayss
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