FJ Universe 2. In case you missed the first part /funny_pictures/2711888/FJ+Universe/ And the third /funny_pictures/2717007/FJ+Universe+3/. Funnyjunk Universe D pineapple elepha
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FJ Universe 2

Funnyjunk Universe
Developed by Sirclydeth
Prepare so be red thumbs!
You repossess are gating qt. I
stronger every day!
Hahn oi course! Even alter you
round she loss " had no elves:
on our power!
All that quest did was get all oi your seam
killed! And = what? To save some pathetic ?
C), NI show you repossess NI kill you
our trips!
Amir. Bucket [)5 are my
Nice roll! I' m nos good as gazing trip
Any way, what‘; your name user?
The name s And I
know who you are Clyde. 1% an
honour so meet she man who round
she loss on
You just saved my " by rolling trips! The
honour p all mine .
Clyde, your ms seam worked so well and you
helped she universe so much by she on
am she war car horn over. we
need a new seam or users. A seam
sarong enough so deans all she
repossess and get she so she
am where are we means so (. all these
users? How are we means so know ii they' re
Iron; enough so help us?
Well there' s bound so be some
powerful users hidden in she
Comment Seniors. We' ll test their
power wish challenges and than
who are marshy shall is our seam!
Do you want a chance to become a character in
Universe or Quest of the Lost DC? Well here' s your
chance! Just follow the instructions for what ever
character you wish to bel
The team for Quest of the lost
needs some one capable of
rolling quads! Be the first to roll
e quads in the comment section
and feature as this main
maximum of 3 rolls per person!)
The team on Universe needs a
wizard! Write up why you think
you should be this main
character in 30 words or less in
the comment section!
The Quest of the lost DC team
needs some one good with
weapons and combat. Post your
drawing of The Brawler doing an
epi fight move on a reposter.
The person who posts the mast
epic picture will star as this main
Design a character for the
comic. Remember, keep it
simple as I' ll be drawing lots
of frames over time. The most
epic character will feature as a
main character in Universe!
All posts to be paste in the comment section below furyfur chance to be a
hero in either Fl Universe or Quest of the last DC!
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