How to survive a horror movie part 1. +50 for part 2 /funny_pictures/2718281/How+to+survive+a+horror+movie+part+2/ thanks for front page!. Tips ta survive herre How to survive a horror movie part 1 +50 for 2 /funny_pictures/2718281/How+to+survive+a+horror+movie+part+2/ thanks front page! Tips ta herre
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How to survive a horror movie part 1

Tips ta survive herrer movies- Parta
When it seems that yae' killed the minster, never
check ta see if it' s really dead.
ll yea find that year harse is built epin er near an
cemetery, was ance in church used far black masses,
had previous inhabitants We went mad er committed
suicide er died in same horrible lamina er We
performed necrophilia er satanic practices, mew
away immediately.
Never read an beak deman sermoning chad, even
as in Me.
la nat search the basement, especially when the
pewee has just gene eat.
ll year children speak ta yea in Latin er any ether
language which they m net knew, er if they speak
using in mice ether than their awn, sheet them at
ance. It will save yea in let grief in the lang ran.
Nate: it' s unlikely they' ll die easy, MI be prepared.
When yea have the benefit numbers, never pair all
er gil all mane.
the gang plans in len midnight party in the tawn' s ald
abandoned mansion, dan' t tag dang. Especially dan' t
tag along if everyine' s wing as couples, except
yae' re the add gay/ gal eat. And if yae' re the gang' s
cakester, yea may as well write up year last will and
testament while yae' re driving with them ta the place.
As in general rule, daft salve puzzles that men
perms ta Hell.
Never stand in, an, wave, below, beside, er anywhere
near in grave, tam, crypt, mausoleum, er ether
domicile the dead.
ll yae' re searching hr samething which caused an
misc and find eat that it' s just the cat, leave the ream
immediately if yea value year life,
ll appliances start operating by themselves, mew eat.
la nat take (er barrow) anything from the dead.
lan' t lael with recombinant DNA technolagy unless
yae' re sure yea knew what yea are hing.
rall fer part 2! Ive get mere... l wait run eat!
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