Steve Jobs Died hurr durr. All of this hypocrisy reminds me of christmas.. INTERNET time! Coin . F we in- y, haw R is my who out scammed pa mm - on a : mg( -n a how bout no

Steve Jobs Died hurr durr

All of this hypocrisy reminds me of christmas.

Coin .
F we in-
y, haw R is my who out scammed pa mm - on a : mg( -n as How we fans are an was
and gamer l laws who am quash Nam 'air
******** from admin, let' s check
Holy **** , it’ s true...
A minute of silence...
Done. Time to move on.
I' ll keep browsing the internet
as always
C? @mennace_ net
c, Manama
f Muere Steve Jobs Hey
menee. me/ iii),
20 hams we is Mennace posts Favorite .:Ret\ veet "r Reply
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Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs, was - 2011
manna death crapple .
Jabs ‘may never be ac.
any was Suntan ca
Nat puny.
But, you know. still important.
Apple Confounded Steve Jobs Dies
You too?
5 minutes later, I get a brilliant idea
Okay... calm. Calm.
I' ll just go back to
They ******* hate
Apple and I' ll be
sate there...
Suddenly, everybody realizes that
that man was a ******* genius, and
we just lost him. Every user 'taels bad'
and stop acting like blind dickheads
when it comes to Apple.
Seriously, what the **** ?
Yaro Lord
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Submitted: 10/06/2011
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#1 - tentaclerapist (10/07/2011) [+] (3 replies)
Around 350,000 people die every day.

This one was just the face of a popular company.

Typical western ******** .
#2 - sparkieemae (10/10/2011) [-]
It's like when Michael Jackson died, the day before everyone was all "Michael Jackson is a ******* pedo."

then the next day, (and nine months following that)


Oh my ******* god your interaction with these deceased famous people has neither increased nor decreased, their contributions that effect you still exist.
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