5 Things I Hate About Subway (Part One). PLEASE VIEW THIS: /funny_pictures/2699947/Do+it+for+Steve/ OC. Thanks for reading! Thumb as you please. Here is part tw fuck anytober
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5 Things I Hate About Subway (Part One)

s THINGS I HATE "! llits
I have heen working at for a
year now officially, and I' noticed and
expierienced a lot of stupid bullshit in
this one year, so I think it deserves a
post dedicated to it. so here you go!
Hera a picture of me for those ‘pics or
its not true’ douchebags.
I have nothing agaist them personally.. hut they are so fucking
picky with thier sandwiches.
Lemme get dat chicken bacon WW the meat on
bottom of bread. I want a little bit of
lettuce on I/ tth of it. 5 ices of onions, I and
a half tomatoes. a line mayonaise and a
irt of vinegar. Toast dat shit " " seconds.
out all dun
2. People who don' t talk
I get Intrude who iust don' t speak - damn
orders and inst Boil“ at the shit they want and shake -
head -trigga I guess wrong“
B. People that say "Yes" when they
don' t understand what you said
Example ..
Alright. what kind
of cheese on it?
awkward silence
a. when people get all the veggies
on thier subs when they already got
too much on it.
Self explanitory.
now nut all the veggies on it
and cut it in fourths.
bread with
s. when people come in when it' s
nearly closing time.
It hummus new time... the bar is spotless clean then some random Foggot comes
in and gets the Nannies: sandwich ever.
5 sub! wit a shit
toll of sauce ll?
for more
me if you thumb
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