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Stupid debate is stupid, deleting it all.
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Stop using words.
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then how the **** are we #1?

come at me bro.

(I never said our people or culture was good.)
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you are clearly uneducated in the matter.

#1 in global economy.

#1 in standard of living.

#1 in relative freedom and happiness of population.

#1 in most influential country in the world.


and while you are correct in that we will be surpasses in total GDP, we will remain the leader of GDP per capita. Also, **** you, Obama hasn't done socialist **** and is shutdown when he tries to propose good ideas but criticized when making bad ones,
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opinion: a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.

fact: something known to exist or to have happened.

but hey, that's just my opinion.
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dude in a few years, china and india are gonna surpass us, sftu
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china will, india sucks dick.

But that's because they have more people. If you look at rGDP per capita we will be number one for a very long time. And we've been free for just 235 years.
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Not if their poor living conditions, industrial standards and agricultural chemical use catches up with them.....wait it already is....
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china will still surpass us. India is stuck in stubborn government and will only grow due to increased population.

but if china doesn't implode sue to pollution by the next 20 years, they will be the united states of the 21st century.
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yet with all that ********* , they still have a hgher genius rate then we do, so what logic can u pull out of ur ass for that?
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Where does that statistic come from? I would believe larger NUMBER of geniuses(due to population), but percent wise probably around the same.
The main problem with competing with China is that their government controls everything and therefore gets most of the profits to invest into purchasing mineral rights etc.
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it comes from an experiment done, where they measured the IQ of people from china and india, and they compared it the the US, they had a higher rate of subjects with genius IQs. I.E. they have a higheer genuis RATE, and yea their government is oppressive but that doesnt make sense to where this would make them unintelligent. I think you're problem is that ur a butthurt nationalist prick who cant see past his own pride to see that we arent the smartest ******* around, and eventually our past is gnna catch up with us
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less cultural retardation and media mind pollution.
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I recall there being a Chinese talent show cancelled recently and people freaking out about it and one Chinese fan being quoted as saying "I will never be happy again!"....So they suffer from a lot of the same problems we do...i.e. the masses are retarded
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I will never be happy again. hahaha Damn Chinese yalls are funny!
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