Kill Yourself. awkward Original Source: this was the hides: thing i have not re Kill Yourself awkward Original Source: www buzzfeed com/theuniblogger/dont-tell-a-fake-11-year-old-to-kill-herself-bhd this was the hides: thing i have not re
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Kill Yourself

this was the hides: thing i have not read in my this
masala? was i' i.'
are I kl myself out roan: use your favourite book . conjurers
you don: know me iris. okay? you fucking tint.
my dad command suicide 13 new no
i bat you feel like shit now.
even was my mom was so destined one command a month later.
you wait. than had? my may an I much knots and cried has WEEK so mate
wen worse my mom was so depressed she dammed maids a month later.
you thaat theta bad? my dog ate 2 much kibble and died last week. so mats
kinda like comma suicide.
rait) , st) leals
kinda like summits adds.
Did anyone notice she said she' s 11 but her dad commited suicide
13 years ago...
That awkward moment when your dad dies two years before you
were conceived.
Did anyone else notice her mom died a month after her dad...
That awkward moment where your mom dies before she gives birth
to you.
That awkward moment when you were raised by a dog...
and then the dog died.
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