thought i'd share. I saw this here com/funny_pictures/2684378/wat/242#242 i thought it i'd share it with the people who haven't read it yet. File :120' 76_ was
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thought i'd share

I saw this here
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i thought it i'd share it with the people who haven't read it yet

File :120' 76_ was KB, 707x600, )
Folks. What is the worst thing yen have done to aw? I little stunt ayear er m back.
I Eda interesting experience this afternoon while riding the train home from work. I have at this point been in the over 18 hours. I am tired,
hungry, have to piss, and when I get home there will undoubtedly be this monters rent notice in my mailbox. I just want to go heme: piss, shower, eat and
sleep- Two steps before the final step: my step: aw 6 gets on the train. The whole car is empty- I am sitting in a window seat by myself, half
asleep- thw crowds and sits in the seats that are infront , including a smallfry with a soda who sits next to me.
He starts poking me. "? Whats your name?" I just say "Leave me alone," keeping my eyes shut and trying to ignore the two screaming girls
fighting over the new Harry Potter book (at this time, it was the halfbreed prince). The kid next to me says: "Thais not nice" and pews his remaining soda
in the bottle in my lap. "What the fuelling ***** ?" I yell. "Goddamn ************* brat! Control your kids and get away from melt" The parents
are clearly : "Apologize to my family! That was " the father says- I just give him the fielder and move to the other side of the car,
seeking with sprite- Olean my the window again andelise my eyes when Ike] amp on my " Apologize right new or I' ll call funpolice andhave them
arrest yen at your step- I' ll say yen pushed my sen on the ground"
it' s step gathers - I stanley, , . I squat down, eye , who
H. : new: anyday" Snaper:: engage 595." , probaably ages afa and IO, , begin crying.
Thefuher : ’ Hing. to my stap,
me. , I pissed
littke: figher andhe penned sprite allayed ( now still sticky when ,
depress charges: the train , candidate: . , his
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Submitted: 10/03/2011
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#2 - anonymous (10/03/2011) [-]
**** never gets old.

Little ***** deserved it.
#1 - anonymous (10/03/2011) [-]
**** that was depressing at the end.
#3 - cupcaketroll (10/05/2011) [-]
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