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#1036 - anon
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(09/28/2011) [-]
dude. asgardian. your only describing one typical group of women. they way i see it........when a woman says they like a man who takes charge and has balls, all i hear is "i like a man who has the SOLE intention of ****** the **** outta me and then moving on to the next dumb ****** ho". thats all women say.... and i ask you ladies........if your with that "ballsy" man now, where do you think hell be? there by your side in 5 or 10 years, or do you think hell have thought to himself "why am i staying with this dumb ho when i can get any other pussy i want?" whereas a nice guy would be like "wow the sex was great! maybe we could do it again sometime?" which is it? do you want a man who ***** you and moves straight on to the next victim? or do you want a man who is still sexually interested in you and would like to **** you as well; but his momma raised him right not to be a ****** ******** and have a monogamous but still "SEXUAL" relationship with you. here ill reduce it to one sentence for you ladies. do you want a man that will **** you and leave you or would you like a man who will **** you and STAY with you and continue ******* you and only you? pick one.
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(09/28/2011) [-]
The way you see it? What about the way the woman sees it? Don't think it matters too much the way you see it dude. Go read some of the comments posted by girls on this post. All of them agree that it's entirely possible to be Assertive, Confident, a little selfish and still polite. There are plenty of chivalrous, stalwart, leaders of men out there. You have this preconception about all guys who are better than women than you. You automatically have to rationalize that they are somehow bad people in order to make yourself feel better.

If you read through the post I explain the 2 extremes. The guy who is basically what you're describing, and the guy who you are right now. You need to meet in the middle. You don't have to be an asshole to stop compromising your values to get people to like you.

Again, if you don't believe me, go read some of the replies posted by girls.

Also, you assume that all ladies have only two options. You'd be very surprised, especially in high school and college, how many ladies are just in it for sex as well. Not everyone is looking to get married to the first person they **** bro, you need to relax and be honest with yourself.