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User avatar #425 - northway (09/23/2011) [-]
Can anyone explain this to me? I'm not rly good at English.
User avatar #444 to #425 - alfjnn (09/23/2011) [-]
He's white. (Most likely)
He implied that he hates a certain Ethnicity/Race of People (Black, white, Asian)

The Joke is, is that he went on to say that he hated a Certain race (Like a foot race. Running/jogging/walking)
Which is funny.

It's an implying joke.
#427 to #425 - anon (09/23/2011) [-]
The title implies being racist (hating another race)
he actually means a race. As in, run in circles x amount of times and whoever goes the fastest wins
User avatar #429 to #427 - northway (09/23/2011) [-]
So he meant the black?
User avatar #434 to #433 - northway (09/23/2011) [-]
what about it..... I'm from Taiwan
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