Celebrity Fun Facts 2. I am the walrus - www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MoWQSe3txY Creep - www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsKmOy2wnlM Number 1 - /funny_pictures/2627566/Cele celebrity fun facts jim carrey Edition

Celebrity Fun Facts 2

Jim C', array Edition Dedj to thice
l. Jim Carrey is a Tery talented singer. He did a
coder of I Am The Walrus by The Beatles and
recently a Coder of Creep by Radiohead.
Check it out on *5-' outube. Link in description.
It is awesome.
2. Jim is actually Canadian and received in U. S, citizenship in
3/ He was originally cast as "Dr. EMI" in the lust Austin
Powers movie,
4. Was considered for the roles aflack Sparrow and Willy
Wonka, He lost both to actor Johnny Depp,
5. He dropped out of High School at age 16.
6. 3% Carrey was booed offstage during his first stand up
comedy . (HOW DARE THEY!)
T. Was cast as the lead role in Meet The Parents. He wrote
part of the screen play and contributed jokes such as the
charcters last name being Focker.
Want more? Lets get to + 65 and Ill make another, Please
reccommend actors or perhaps shows, I may do a "Lost"
edition somewhere down the road if people would like; I
know I would.
My face if you thumb no
3113.: face if you thumb down,
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