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Student Wins 8

2. A an object is relied from rest " It height or Sm on a curved
At the that the ramp is I spring of force
k I 100 N/ m. The object slides dawn ttwtt ramp and Into
the spring, campus " " n disband E before coming to resh
5 (b) Does the abject contiune Io man alter it comes to rest? It yes
how high will it go up the slap: more comes ta rest?
u, 7 v, punx" cuore
Us nonno ll
Period In
on wax money an an Jewish hekain. mo, mil mm -on we should on [hurl mm buns:
Mun: no on n lamina! Ind mu nna: t\ lun and no 3:»: -1 -30
mo, In b: mm l really don‘! my mmoo m no rally my right new
Plum: me’. Him Ital -he SIM. aeou I?
mun» -Mum
no In which mo steps ulna : nihm occur? 2
J k arei, j‘ Egg
I): I ml "fthe Hus was writted moans a um: period or mm: mob Back Y
Minn thc inm. mac. and mom man: how fun 's; urn"; ‘ ,
thatss , -, animu k
blame Wm ('\ uid hm coma himsel!‘ Mml -moan inmost no use bind
ais. Samuel L. at this ttritt In write a my non. vaegir, .
run lonliness an " wuit they are mo; -co by thc mam ammo an for public
tr_ ' mud -siren ohm”: [Prams doc; shale an .ueah no... sum: mam guy
ruless M Ind an exluded \‘ "yeater, two: aw: I .‘ Iain moan
realty "um o. no _
I}: 150147. when no visualised an MT a yew old on o,
Peter mom
Mr. comm
us Iles))
Pusan in Worki Wit It
an o well sag lulu). He isn' t in , not my
page mm van hand mom. Some might - In '
dam. But what cm’! be mud is I}: he mug» tn this gun man
do : World Ward. Amt sael bubi, that
Young from t' mama on it was ' t
mom: In gel his' prata_'' He and Ce me: onhis
was with , mos wan good. OI mm they?
Jimmy' ste kills»; his poem was anal no inputs‘.
and pumice so damn an am): one - wto on the wig: mum mm.
simi,& , a, have Martin Lilla no , ,
couldn' t ‘nth milky. so no fauna plan. A . For mum.
using. mum the looms: on in Tokyo,
sonpow: ammo‘ and dais, until we urn: Ewe In aw ' ihre& Mmr ,
Ple: id: Maximo's ' who no pow wmm; but little on he WWW!
you henna him J, i% . you - rot -o bow but
he was no men roman pesident upon. Wight's on charge. he who
Oh ow, Knit: with him " his death.
the mid. bums: he who Ham and
panes: However, since ram " in
Chim. _ Etti on
go , ' uni memory. no man is my
bro mam. mmnnbb [arson inboud War : an
one by
Disraeli, how A. ‘gnu km... door we
i Wkly 1
Tl Loox’: aurl
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#181 - GirlsDontPoop (09/19/2011) [-]
this essay is INCOMPRETE !
#19 - submatrix (09/18/2011) [-]
the one about marktwain made me die
#23 - trollinhd (09/18/2011) [-]
Rip Jimmy McPerson. He wll forever live in our hearts.
User avatar #77 - docgusta (09/18/2011) [-]
anybody else read the entire thing about will smith?
Pic unrelated
#91 to #77 - legostudio (09/19/2011) [-]
im not alone!
#61 - RIPphyscovideos ONLINE (09/18/2011) [-]
#24 - kjp (09/18/2011) [-]
the will smith essay was hilarious, that kid deserved an A
the will smith essay was hilarious, that kid deserved an A
#194 - bounded (09/19/2011) [-]
Jimmy McPerson... He saved the world by killing Hitler in Japan while he was in China
#173 - anon (09/19/2011) [-]
That teacher totally wants Peter's cock.
#58 - thuntking **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#202 - cptalpaca (09/19/2011) [-]
My God....Make this a movie!
User avatar #231 to #202 - Ibrapin (09/19/2011) [-]
I can make a ****** stick figure animation with it, including terrible voice acting, but I don't think people would like it very much.
User avatar #219 to #202 - omgwtfwhoami ONLINE (09/19/2011) [-]
This was freaking hilarious for some reason
User avatar #88 - thewickedgoose (09/19/2011) [-]
who is this peter kid, i like him
#213 - stalkerbob (09/19/2011) [-]
Comment Picture
#161 - FUUUU (09/19/2011) [-]
The ending for the Will Smith essay was completely acceptable.
The ending for the Will Smith essay was completely acceptable.
#136 - ZenMacros ONLINE (09/19/2011) [-]
Anybody else wish they could be a witness to the conversations they have whenever you see "see me after class"?
#244 - tralalalalala **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#243 - alihilalk (09/19/2011) [-]
must be an asian teacher
#198 - blup (09/19/2011) [-]
teacher reaction when they are reading this exams
teacher reaction when they are reading this exams
User avatar #208 to #198 - neoexdeath ONLINE (09/19/2011) [-]
There's facepalming, and then there is black starfleet captain facepalming, you trigger that, you've really ****** up
#30 - anon (09/18/2011) [-]
******* , Peter.
User avatar #128 - gfourtolip (09/19/2011) [-]
INCOMPRETE! made my day
#147 to #128 - LaVidaGaga (09/19/2011) [-]
except that it actually says INCOMRLETE
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