MITCH HEDBERG. PART ONE /funny_pictures/2617654/MITCH+HEDBERG/. When me and mg friends world Trip on acid, we used To go into The woods,  MITCH HEDBERG www facebook com/FJMOD PART ONE /funny_pictures/2617654/MITCH+HEDBERG/ When me and mg friends world Trip on acid we used To go into The woods
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When me and mg friends world Trip on acid, we used To go into The woods, Cause There
was Less of a chance That we' d run into an authoring figure. Be we ran into a bear,
Thar was even more of a . There was mg friend Duane, Raising his right hand,
swearing To bet prevent (arest Tires. We gm awak Tram The bear, He puts his arm
around me and sags ", Smokey is wag more intense in person“
T Like To pinch The microphone cord Like This. T pinch " together, gnd [ " go. Then
gou hear a whole bunch of jokes M once.
an Cr MT a tr riend insi e o a Tent. ats a a Lace or an
Ct , Because Then T Tried to out and slam The is . How are Lou esed To
express gour anger in This situation? Zip LT up ream quick? ... “Fuck w" >. >
T met The gm who works er The Dome Tree Tram desk. %, gave me her Wane
number. Tes "ct... T Tried To cpl horn here, some other woman answered. T said,
you sound order."
Some songs have a special meaning for a man in regards To a special woman. Be This
can because magby The song had deeper meaning to begin with, but now ifs been
cheapened. "We are The world, we are The children. We are The ones who make a better
Remember That song, sci? The night T Tucked gou in
The pm cemetary... Tbags our son."
Life, so reis keep on giving...
T went and bought a donut and Theg gave me a receipt Tor The donut. we do not need
To bring ink and paper into This.
gou find yourself Lost in The woods, Tuck , build a house. Ives, T was Cost but
now T Live here. T have severely improved mg predicament
T Love escalators because Theg can never break. >' ‘ LL never see a ”escalator Temporarily
out J service sign orly escalator Temporarily stairs. sow for The convenience.
T was gr a bar once, and no one was Talking To me 'as T just did a show, and T ran
into a mg, and instead " saging excuse me he said get The WELL out of mg wag,,
so T said to To hem“, and T ran awak. l caught up To me, he had on a hm a nose
ring, an eyebrow ring, a goatee, a Tongue ring, and l, earrings. He said “Hog man, gou have
a Lot of nerve," and Then T said Meg man, gou have a Lot of cranium accessories
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