Things to do in public restroom Pt. 2. /funny_pictures/2602206/Stupid+Things+To+Do+In+Public+Restroom //funny_pictures/2610226/Things+to+do+in+public+restroom+P Things to do in public restroom Pt 2 /funny_pictures/2602206/Stupid+Things+To+Do+In+Public+Restroom //funny_pictures/2610226/Things+to+do+in+public+restroom+P
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Things to do in public restroom Pt. 2

Since I got more than 50
thumbs this is the
second part.
11. Turn off the faucet while
someone' s washing their
hands. Repeat.
12. Pee on someone' s leg and
tell them it' s raining.
13. Offer to other
people' s hands with your mouth
to save energy.
14. Put on the hand puppet
show underneath the stall next
to you.
15. Complain about the size of
your penis.
16. Demand to know where the
glory holes are.
17. Walk up behind someone
who' s using a urinal and wrap
his head in toilet paper.
18. Hang a realistic dummy
from a noose inside one of the
stalls as a surprise for the next
19. Inside a stall pretend to be
talking to a young child, "That' s
right Johnny, remember what I
told you about unzipping your
fly? Oh, now look what you
did!" your hands
twice and make crying noises.
20. Whisper, "Now spread your
legs, honey. Oh yeah, that' s it".
Well that' s it for part 2
thumbs, part 3 is
coming up.
by M esme razer-
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