Facebook status comp. This guy who I know does funny facebook statuses, these are just a few.... EDIT: FULL CREDIT FOR THIS COMP GOES TO WINSTENATOR, BECAUSE I  failbook facebook status funny Prostitute
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Facebook status comp

Facebook status comp. This guy who I know does funny facebook statuses, these are just a few.... EDIT: FULL CREDIT FOR THIS COMP GOES TO WINSTENATOR, BECAUSE I

This guy who I know does funny facebook statuses, these are just a few....

So I' m starting a gang. Bur gang sign is a crudely drawn penis. And I don' t mean
to brag, but we' tagged every damn public bathroom, park bench, and middle
school Iterating desk from here to New York City. So we' re kind ofa big deal.
Your move, Bloods anyfur Dips.
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1 CI draong sign?
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As we drove up to Los Angeles this morning, I found myself thinking, How long
would one have to drive in the carpool lane wilt: a prostitute in the passenger seat
in order for the savings in gas and time to negate the cost ofthe hooker?" Well, I
thoughti I suppose that would depend on the cost ofthe hooker, the MPG ofthe
an and how valuable one considers time to be,
And then I stopped thinking, because fuck math,
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So today, I learned how to sail. After going back and form for like and hour in the
bay, it' s safe to say I' m an expert. So, the question is, ladies, will you let me lake
you on a sailboat and you could strand up on the bow and spread your arms out
and I' d come up behind you but it wouldn' t be creepy and at some point I' d be like
I' M THE KING THE RORLD" and then later I could draw you naked or
So, yeah, all me,
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As a rapper, the highest honor you an achieve is having your dumbass fans
actually spell your name correctly in the Youtube suggestions menu.
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I' m not so sure I believe that George himself grew marijuana. I feel
like if he did, the would be very, very different.
we the People of the United Slates, in Carder to form a more perfect Union,
More Weed
Some of those little fucking rakes that Madison' s wife makes
More weed
Roasted chicken, but like, cut it up into little bite size nuggets.
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I never know what to say to people when I pass them on the sidewalk at night.
Good evening" is creepy as hell, and "good night" literally sounds like you' re about
to kill the person. Seriously, good night is only ever appropriate when you' re either
a) Actually going to sleep or b) Whispering it in the ear of your victim,
And mats why Jack the Ripper killed everyone he met on the road at night.
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Surprisingly, Biting advice of "grabbing someone sexy" and telling her to
give you everything tonight‘ or she ‘might not see tomorrow‘ isn' t quite as
effective as one might think.
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Surprisingly, my APUSH teacher was not amused when I asked if Flacon' s Rebellion
was the aftermath ofthe invasion ofthe Bay of Pigs the day before the AP test.
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As fiar as Greer option's go, I' m torn between becoming an injections drug dealer or
a pimp who specializes in prostitutes that dress up like superheroes.
That' s right. I' m going to be either a heroin dealer, or a heroine dealer.
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This poll mats asking ‘Whats most important in a relationship?" actually produces
Mme important data, Girls, you an now tell which guys like sex, and whim guys
t are fucking liars.
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My basketball strategy consists of making velosirraptor sounds, flailing my arms,
and wearing a bicycle helmet while screaming that everything is a foul.
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This MTV ‘Get " compition is heavy stuff. I better get myself tested
for STEM Beacuse of all the sex I have, Frequently, Aith all ofthe girls that want
to have sex with me, Beacuse they know thatl am good at sex.
I am sexually active,
Math is a cunt.
Thank you.
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I actually enjoy political arguments. Especially when I' m defending Barack Obama,
because it requires very little effort on my part. All I really have to do is launch a
personal aback on my opponent, including the words ‘racist‘, "ignorant', and
America", I win, you ignorant racist. America,
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My self esteem is at an all time low. There' s this girl who just HATES me, She keeps
calling me pathetic, creepy, even a MONSTER.
Whatever. Still not letting her out of my basement.
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