The Comp of General Ignorance 3. Neato huh? Part 1 - /funny_pictures/2560685/The+Comp+of+General+Ignorance+1/ Part 2 - /funny_pictures/2563749/The+Comp+of+Gener Everything You know is wrong
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The Comp of General Ignorance 3

hundred feel” and drown denli-
pedos have been extensively slad-
led WI more chait a hundred years,
not one has ever been lound ihat
has a hundred legs.
What would you use to overpower
a crocodile?
a. Paper clip A .
h. crocodile clip 5’:
Paper hag IF " .
FM crocodiles up tta " lemony,
an ordinary rubber band should he
enough tta make your escape. The
muscles ihat close iowas M a
crocodile M alligator are so sunny
ihat ehey have We same downward
tome M a Huck talents ell a ell".
Mt We muscles ihat open Well
Mrs are weak enough WI you tta
hold Well moms shut Mitt one
What is We Number M We Beast?
close, It' s 515.
FM 2, 000 years, 555 has been We
symbol Ill We dreaded ,
who Will come tta rule We world
more We Last Judgment FM
It' s an unlucky number:
even We European parliament
leaves seat number 555 vacant
The number is entity ,
We last and in We
Bible: "Let him ma! ham under-
standing counts We number M
We beast WI It is We number N a
Bullit; and his number is Sill hun-
dred and six." Mt It' s
a WINE] number lla 2005, a new
translation M We earliest known
copy M We hook M revelation
clearly shows It tta he Elli not
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