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Sex you say? (Part 5)

A male barbary macaque only
appreciate sex if it' s laud. If the
female is screaming while
intercourse the males reach climax
at a chance cf , but if the
female remains silent chances are
at only 2%.
2006 the demain "sex, biorn" was
said at a price cf 14000, 000 s
In Pakistan the word sex is
the most worldwide.
Men have their best sex
between the age cf so 60,
In the year 1000 BAC, all
women had the temple cf the
fertility goddess "Melitta" before
their wedding. Only if they had sex
with a stranger in there they were
allowed leave the temple and get
married. In return the man had
give maney the temple.
In the 18th Century a french man
oculd restrict his left testicle before
sex in coder procreate a sen.
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